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Chrisanne Clover is widely regarded as the go-to brand for Ballroom dance couture and fabrics. Our team of fashion fabric experts provides the most innovative, diverse and luxurious collections of fabrics, trimmings and crystals which are sourced, developed and produced from all around the world.  


We are a company founded on the idea to provide dancers with everything they would need to make the perfect garment, a garment which would endure the fierce and intensive competition rounds, a garment which combines the comfort and durability of sportswear with the glamour and excitement of high fashion.  

30 years on Chrisanne Clover is the number 1 global brand that provides Fabrics, Accessories, Crystal, Dancewear and Couture to not only dancers, but also to performers, designers and the fashion scene in more than 50 countries.




Over the years we have dressed an incredible amount of talented sponsored dancers and champions, iconic ladies such as Loraine Barry, Joanne Bolton, Morena Colagrecco up to the magnificent present day with Natascha Karabey and Monica Nigro.

Each couture piece is individually designed and made at our London head quarters by a team of talented professionals including designers, pattern cutters, dress makers and embellishers, crystallized in only the best Crystals from Swarovski®. 

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We also offer the ultimate practice wear ranges designed and made in the UK and made from exclusive Chrisanne Clover fabrics. We work with the top fashion designers and dancers in the industry including Espen Salberg, creating much sought after pieces that will make you look and feel high class while performing to your maximum potential. 

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M E N S W E A R 

You will find an impressive selection of Ballroom and Latin pieces expertly designed to work for you in practice and competition. using innovative fabrics and modern style lines each pieces is light and comfortable, allowing you to focus purely on your dancing.  






This beautiful vast space is a dancer and dress makers paradise showcasing our magnificent collection of over 100 Ballroom and Latin dresses, dancewear and menswear, as well as a stunning collection of fabrics and accessories to truly get you inspired...

Open 6 days a week with FREE onsite parking

Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm


 110-112 Morden Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4DA, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8640 5921

Email: sales@chrisanne-clover.com




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