angela zheng wdc professional ballroom 

Where did you grow up? When did you start dancing?

 Danny: My hometown is Changsha, Hunan. I now live in Shanghai. I first started to learn ballroom dancing in my spare time when I was 8 years old. In 2003, I went to Shanghai Theatre Academy to study ballroom dancing full time.

Angela: My hometown is in Wuhan, Hubei. I now live in Shanghai. From Oct. 1997, I started to learn Latin dance in my spare time. In 2000, I studied Ballroom dancing full time.



How long have you been dance partners for?

 We have been dancing together for 5 years.




What are your highest achievements in dance?

 World ranking: 2015 International Championship Professional Ballroom Semi-Finalist Top 12

Awards won over the years: champion of China Professional Ballroom Dance, champion of China Cup Ranking Competition-Finals Professional Ballroom, champion of Asia Professional Ballroom Dance for three continuous years, Top 20 of 2015 International Professional Ballroom Dance,

2016 France Disney WDC-AL Professional Ballroom Dance 5th place.




What is your favourite dance?

Danny: Tango and Quickstep are my favourite dances

Angela: My favourite has to be Waltz, Rumba and Foxtrot



What is your proudest dancing moment?

We love entering competitions where we can represent China. When the compere introduces us that we are from China it makes us feel so proud and privileged to be able to represent our own country.



How long have you been sponsored by Chrisanne Clover?

We have been sponsored by Chrisanne Clover since September 2012


Why are you proud to be sponsored by Chrisanne Clover?

Chrisanne Clover is the most famous company in the world for ballroom dancewear. The workmanship is exquisite and the designs are outstanding and of high quality. Chrisanne Clover also pay such detailed attention to the dancers needs and ideas paying particular attention to the competition venues with what works best in regards to the dance floor and lighting. As sponsored dancers from China, we are representing a lot of Chinese dancers – we hope to introduce Chrisanne Clover to more Chinese dancers in the future.


What colours are you most attracted to?

We love bright colours but in particular we favour white and red


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