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Emi and Shin are our newest Sponsored Gold dancers. A married couple they have been dancing together for over 14 years and are one of Japan’s top Ballroom dancers. So far their best mark is placing 1stat the Professional Closed Asia Pacific Championships in Singapore. Competing in the Professional Ballroom and dancing for Japan, they are positioned 35 in the world and 2ndin Japan…




Where did you grow up?  
S: I grew up in OSAKA 
E: and I gew up in KUMAMOTO

When did you start dancing? 
S I started dancing when I was 19 years old
E and I started dancing when I was 18 years old

How long have you been partners for?  
We have been dance partners for 14 years 




What got you into dancing?  
S: I started dancing when I was at University and absolutely fell in love it and it has now become my life!
E: I was inspired by the dancing I saw on television and couldn’t wait to join a dance class!

What is your favourite dance?
Both: We both love the slow foxtrot. It is such a romantic dance and we just love the music it is so inspiring and uplifting


 What are your highest achievements in dance?  
S: Becoming the JBDF champions in 2013
E: Also becoming show dance champions!


What is your proudest dancing moment?  
S: When the audience is silent while dancing at a show and the magnificent applause of thunder given the moment the show is over is such a wonderful feeling! 
E: My proudest moment was dancing our honour dance when becoming a JBDF champion! It was amazing

What is your favourite competition?  
Both: We love the Blackpool Dance Festival! Coming to the UK for this festival is such a highlight to our year, the history of the Ballroom and the atmosphere at the venue with 2 weeks of dancing all in place is truly magical.




Why are you proud to be a Chrisanne Clover sponsor gold dancer?  
E: I am so so proud to be a gold sponsor of a dressmaker that is well-received by not only the dance industry but also the non dance industry as well. Chrisanne Clover is loved and well known by dancers from around the world, and I am so excited to be apart of this fantastic family.

What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover fabric?  
E: I love Satin chiffon, it has such a beautiful lustrous shine that looks so elegant on the dance floor. I also love the texture of satin chiffon when pleated, with my Buttercream Ballroom dress that I wore at the Blackpool Dance Festival it looked really stunning on the dancefloor.

What colours do you favour the most?  
E: My favourite Chrisanne Clover colours is Blueberry but I love many shades of blue also such as the NEW colour Ice Blue, Electric Blue and Blue Paradise. Under the dance floor spotlights blues just light up the dance floor!

Do you have particular a signature look? 
E: I adore a simple, classic design that flatters the figure perfectly, while enhancing the dance when in movement.




 What do you do in your spare time to relax?   
S: I love to invite friends and family round for a BBQ, we have so little time to relax then when we do we love to spend time with loved ones and catch up
E: I love to shop lol! Nothing beats relaxing like a bit retail therapy haha

Do you have any advice to young dancers reading this?   
S: Believe in your own potential 
E: Please do not decide the limits by yourself 

Do you have an Inspirational Quote? 
S: You can do anything if you are willing to do it
E: Your fighting spirit will turn into beauty


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