A New Beginning Is Upon Us

Author Rajen Patel

19 Nov 2015

Chrisanne Clover


A new beginning is upon us... introducing CHRISANNE CLOVER


Two of dance fashion’s most dynamic and ambitious market leaders: CHRISANNE and CRYSTAL CLOVER have joined forces, merging together to create a groundbreaking mix of innovation and heritage that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Entrepreneur Ronnie Li, owner of CRYSTAL CLOVER, acquired CHRISANNE LTD in October 2015 and will take over as owner and Managing Director of CHRISANNE CLOVER, with Peter Dobner on board as Chairman. They bring together their extensive knowledge and passion as this exciting new brand embraces its position as a global firm offering the most diverse, luxurious Fabrics, Trimmings, Dancewear and Haute Couture internationally.

2004 saw the creation of CRYSTAL CLOVER - a start-up company providing dancers, performers and designers the best in luxury fabrics and accessories.

Growing, diversifying and strengthening over the past 11 years, CRYSTAL CLOVER has established stores in London, Shanghai and Tokyo, determining themselves as a worldwide brand and helping dancers' design dreams come true all over the world.

CHRISANNE was founded in 1986 by two dance partnerships, driven to create a supply of innovative fabrics, trimmings and Couture for the modern Ballroom and Latin dancer.

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They evolved and grew with the ever-changing industry, never compromising on quality or originality. From humble beginnings, to industry dominance, CHRISANNE, as the first company of its kind, became market leaders by inspiring customers worldwide.

These two industry power houses continuing to strive for great service and excellence first collaborated in February 2015 with CRYSTAL CLOVER Tokyo, offering customers the ultimate service of immediate availability of CHRISANNE products. This never-before used pioneering facility proved extremely popular and made way for the start of an iconic new force.

With the combined expertise, vast product range that CHRISANNE CLOVER will offer  - from quality fabrics, individual trimmings, glamorous crystals to unique Haute Couture gowns, modern dancewear and menswear - and multiple international stores, this unstoppable new company is a one-stop shop for any dancer, dress maker, designer and all-round creative dream-maker.

We would like to thank every one of you who has supported both brands in the past - making them what they are today and making this new opportunity possible. We invite you to step forward with us on this exhilarating journey. With the continued support of all of our clients, this landmark merge will create a modern and dynamic company- scripting the beginning of a new chapter in the world of dance fashion.




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