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Author Victoria McGregor

26 Apr 2018

A massive congratulations to our SPONSORED GOLD dancer Evgeniya Shaw and her partner Craig Shaw for placing a fantastic 4thPlace in the first American Smooth competition to be held in Moscow, Russia this weekend.


Incredible competition this evening in Moscow, Russia. So happy to have made the final and place 4th in this fabulous 7 couple final. Great sharing the floor with such fantastic dancers. My lady really shone and was so comfortable in this amazing style… We loved dancing the  American Foxtrot to a fabulous orchestra. The Champions Ball 2018 was a great success and a huge stepping stone for the growth of American Smooth worldwide.’

Craig Shaw

Watch Evgeniya and Craig dance their gorgeous American Foxtrot HERE



Evgeniya wore an elegant black shaded American Smooth dress made with black luxury crepe. Godets layered in shaded georgette over shaded satin chiffon with a split in left side front. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal White Pearls, Crystal and Jet.


American Smooth is sweeping the world and is not only something to be danced within America. An elegant and enthralling dance American Smooth collaborates traditional Ballroom dancing with Hollywood glamour - think of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! Keeping the basic principles of Ballroom dancing, American Smooth allows partners to break away from continuous body contact allowing for exciting lifts, underarm turns, spins, drops and separated dance moves showcasing flash open footwork.



With the popular hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing very big on our screens across the UK on Saturday nights, Strictly introduced the American Smooth dance into the show in season 3 in 2005, increasing the heightened demand for more American Smooth to be a dance available to learn in the UK.


The popularity of the dance has flourished over the years and is a huge hit with young dancers. Last Summer May 2017 saw the first American Smooth Championships take place in Blackpool. Ballroom dancers were able to branch out their skills and express their personality into more of a showcase style with many dancers taking part. We were proud to make our SPONSORED GOLD dancer Evgeniya Shaw’s dress for the competition.


See Evgeniya talk about her first American Smooth Dress for Blackpool HERE


A stunning Emerald and Nude American Smooth Ballroom dress beautifully embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB.

See Evgeniya's dress in motion HERE



With so much more movement in the dance with lifts and drops and spins, the dresses are designed slightly different in order to enhance the dance and shape in the most elegant way. The skirts are not so full with maybe 1 or 2 layers that also has the option of a split in the skirt enhancing the leg line and shape of the footwork. The bodice has more of a design focus as the front and back are equally more on show, with the dancers opportunity to break away from hold and dance underarm turns. Floats are not as important and often opted out with the opportunity to do lifts they can become more of a hindrance. The importance of the dress is to be able to perform to the dancers maximum potential, with a keen focus on the design detail still maintaining the Hollywood glamour that makes this dance so appealing.



 The increasing requests CHRISANNE CLOVER receive for American Smooth gowns is testament to this growing popularity worldwide.


Be inspired with our AMERICAN SMOOTH COUTURE featured beautifully in our 2017 CATALOGUE …



This magnificent Black and Cappuccino American Smooth Ballroom dress featured in our CHRISANNE CLOVER CATALOGUE, is made with Cappuccino stretch net over a Silver metallic lycra bodice to give it that magnificent sheen. Awe inspiringly embellished both front and back, in crystals from SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Crystal and Crystal Shimmer. A 7 panel flared skirt made from our Black stretch satin, which flows beautifully from the scalloped bodice. Complete with embellished Cappuccino stretch net gloves to finish the look.




Inspired by American Smooth? Shop our beautiful collection of American Smooth Ballroom Dresses…



A striking Black and Gold American Smooth Ballroom dress, featuring black stretch net over lycra. Godets layered with black satin over gold satin chiffon with a front left thigh split flattering the leg line. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Dorado, Light Colorado Topaz and Jet. Complete with long nude stretch net embellished gloves finishing the look.



A beautiful Fuchsia Pink Smooth Velvet American Smooth Ballroom dress with a sweetheart neckline. Featuring a nude stretch net top and sleeves, embellished beautifully with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Crystal and White Pearls. Skirts layered in satin chiffon with a split in left side front, finished perfectly with a crystallized necklace completing the look.



A dazzling Sassy Yellow and Pink Fizz American Smooth Ballroom dress featuring stretch net over lycra with nude stretch net top and sleeves. Skirts layered with satin chiffon over georgette with organza underskirts. A dazzling pink fizz pleated georgette piece creates a fascinating statement on the left hip flowing beautifully over the sassy yellow. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Rose, Crystal AB, Citrine, Metallic Sunshine and Fuchsia.


A magnificent Black and Gold Paso Smooth Ballroom dress featuring black stretch net over gold lycra, and a full satin skirt with a split side front. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Jet, Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer, Light Colorado Topaz and Silk Shimmer.



An elegant Red and Cappuccino American Smooth Ballroom dress featuring cappuccino stretch net and a red satin skirt with a split at the left side front. Embellished beautifully using CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB and Light Siam.





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