an interview with liis and eric

Author Victoria McGregor

03 Oct 2019


Exactly one year ago Eric and Liis started a new dance partnership and competed in their first competition together placing a fantastic 4th place. 1 year on and a new dress getting made for the Internationals I catch up with Eric and Liis to see how they are on the lead up to their one-year anniversary …  


With your new partnership blossoming and growing from strength to strength how has your year together been so far? 

LiisYes, really good we have been working really hard. We are still really good friends and not a lot of arguments lol!  



Congratulations on your results you have been doing so well this year for such a new partnership! 

Thank you yes it has been a great for us since competing our first competition last year and we are really looking forward to this year's Internationals making it our 1-year anniversary!  


How do you feel competing in your second Internationals? You did so well last year have you trained any different for this competition? 

Eric: I think we always practice because every competition is important, and we try our best and do as much as we can to enjoy it. 




Can you give us a little insight into what your dress might be like for the Internationals? 

I couldn’t possibly say the colour lol! But it is a completely different shade from what I have had before. Possibly a soft colour … We try to match the dress to our dancing, what we try to work on in our dancing will be complimented by the dress … which is a secret! I love it though I am so happy with it and I cannot wait to wear it 😊 


So, you are here in the UK for a good couple of weeks before the Internationals what do you do to chill out when you are here? 

Liis: there is no time to chill lol  

Eric: yes, because every day is quite a busy schedule.  

Liis: Sometimes when we have a lunch break, we try and catch up with friends in a coffee shop or in the studio 😊 


What are your plans after the Internationals? 

We will be doing the London Ball and then we will go back to Shanghai. We have an event every weekend up until Christmas. So life is very very busy lol 


Liis how are you enjoying your new life in Shanghai? 

Yes, really good very interesting and very different for me. I cant quite speak the language yet but am starting to understanding certain things and I have my notes on how to order a taxi lol  




Do you manage to go home and see your family much? 

In the summer I came home to see my family twice. But in total I have come home probably 3 times since our new partnership.  


Do you have much spare time in between dance training? 

No not really training is getting more and more intense, we try to get one day in the week, but it is very very difficult. So, most weeks we train 7 days a week and if we can we will take a daybreak when we can.  


What is your day in training like? 

Eric: Every day is very busy as not only do we practice but we also teach. I am a teacher in a school and so every day we are teaching and practicing. 

Liis: We try to practice before we teach which can happen at about 9.30-10am. After a lunch break, we start to teach kids and give lessons to couples then we finish at about 6.30. Quite intense days and sometimes we need to get a very late flight to a competition where we can can spend 1-2 days competing, then do it all again lol. But we enjoy it is our life, love and passion.  


Do you travel to the UK much or is only at major competition times? 

Eric: No not really only when we have competitions. Because we do a lot of teaching and competitions, we are not able to come to the UK much. But we have a lot of teachers that travel to China, so we are still in a lot of contact with all the teachers when we are in China. Many years ago, it was only the option of coming to the UK for lessons, but now it is not like that.  


What will your plans be for Chinese New Year? 

Liis: I will be going home, that time will be my holiday 😊 

Eric: I will also be going back to my hometown. Where we live in Shanghai home is about a 2-hour flight back to my family. Chinese New Year there is nothing going on, nobody works so we will take a week off at least and try to relax and rest. 


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We wish Liis and Eric all the best of luck for the Internationals!

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