an interview with mia and andrei

Author Victoria McGregor

08 Oct 2019

It was lovely to see Mia and Andrei in the Chrisanne Clover Showroom in the lead up to the Internationals. Trying on couture dresses and checking out our new LBD Starlight Dancewear we had a catch up with how this lovely couple are feeling for this year's Internationals … 




Last time we talked you announced that you were in a relationship 😊 How is that going? 

Both: really really good 😊 No arguments and it hasn’t affected our dancing, in fact we think it has helped improve our dancing! 


You have done really well with your results this year congratulations! 

Andrei: Thank you yes we have only been in the Youth category for just over 1 year so we have been really happy with our results. Hopefully it will get better and better!  

This year with Blackpool we got in the top end of the semi final, only missing 3 or 4 marks off getting into the final, so now with the Internationals we are hoping to push into the final.  

Mia: We made the final in the Europeans U21 and came sixth and then in the under 19 we were fourth and we were super happy with that. UK Closed we won the under 21 championships in all 5 dances so that was amazing.  

Andrei: Our goal was to win the U21 closed! Now we will aim to win the U21 Open, that is our new goal!  


Brentwood is on Wednesday, is this your first Brentwood in Youth? 

Mia: It will be our second time in Youth competing in this competition, we made the semi-final last year but near the end of the semi. We were placed 12th last year so we are hoping and praying that this time we will make the finals. Our dream this year is also to compete at the Royal Albert Hall! We have been every year for the last 5 years to watch and last year we were just a couple of marks off from making it.  

Andrei: We are really hoping and pushing ourselves that we will be there to fulfil our dream!  



Do you have a new dress for the Internationals? 

Mia: Yes, I have my new red one that I am saving to wear at the Albert Hall! It is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it. 


Would you say this is the busiest time in the dancing calendar? 

Both: Yes most definitely.   

Mia: August is our break, we have two weeks off mid-end of August, but then September is when we start training hard again for the competition season ahead.  


With your time here in London what has your dance training been like in the lead up to Brentwood? 

Maxine: We did a competition on Thursday, lessons in Birmingham on Friday, Saturday GB Team Match at the 10 Dance Championships, Sunday was training, Monday is training and then Tuesday will be a chill day. 

Andrei: Yeh a chill day just to prepare, we start early on Wednesday so we want to be well rested.  


Now that you are 16 and the issues you had with school are behind you, do you feel this has helped improve your dancing? 

Mia: Yes definitely, we can train a lot more now, as soon as Andrei is home from sixth form we are off to train and practice. We spend about an hour in training at the gym and then a couple of hours practicing. I very often go to the gym twice a day, I will go to do classes like Pilates and Yoga then go back again to train and practice.  

Andrei: We are in London most weekends; we travel down at about 4:00am on a Saturday where we compete or have lessons.  




Maxine: They are getting older now they don’t need anyone to run them around so much anymore. It feels strange but we will never stop going to the comps. Even if they say don’t come, we will still be there – up in the Gods waving down at them lol. I guess now it depends on how they want to play it, do I hand all the reigns over to them, or do I still organize things, so it keeps their focus on their dancing!  

Mia: It is a lot easier with my Mums support, she books all of our lessons and shows and then my Nana has the job of packing everything lol 

Maxine: As long as they want us to do it we will do it, but the minute they want to take full control then that is fine with us. We will always support them however big or small they want that support. We don’t stay in the lessons anymore not since they moved up to youth. They both have diaries and I give them a list of what is coming up and what has been booked, I still book their shows and lessons until they tell me otherwise.  


Have you started having driving lessons yet? 

Andrei: Not yet I have sent off for my provisional, but I just haven't had the time. I think I will book a 1-week intense course rather than having lessons weekly.  

Maxine: Nana has just bought a brand new mini geared up for when they are ready to drive this car will be for them. But we are geared up to them becoming a lot more independent. Although they may find one day when they are driving there is a car following with a blonde and brunette checking they are ok haha 😉 It seems like only yesterday a young 12 year came to live with us now he is soon turning 18 I’m not sure where that time has gone lol! 




You have always had such a stunning collection of dresses but this year your dresses seem be extra special, what has been your favourite dress? 

Mia: I think this year my dresses have been the best yet, I think my favourite is my current Red dress, but also the black and white combo collection I had was just absolutely stunning 


Do you still have your black and white dresses? 

Mia: They have literally just sold! The last time I will be wearing them will be on Wednesday at Brentwood and I am gutted they have sold lol. I have had so many compliments about these dresses. 


Do you think with your change of dress style this year has helped play a role in your improved results? 

Mia: Yes most definitely, I have had so many coaches and teachers say that my dresses have been outstanding, moving to youth there is such a mature feel to them and they really suit me. Especially the feather features they are just so elegant, very Hollywood glamour. With the flared feather sleeves, they create such great movement. But for my new red dress we have changed it up a little bit, I have no feathers on it but it still has such exquisite movement. We want to keep the big volume in the skirt.  




Your new red dress is pleated, is this the first pleated look you have gone for? 

Mia: I had a pleated champagne dress about 3 years ago, and we just had an email from someone we know saying ‘look what I just managed to buy’ with a picture of the dress, and the dress still looks brand new.  

Maxine: Chrisanne Clover dresses are quality garments that will last for years and years, it just looks brand new and with it being a champagne colour the colour still looks fresh and new, not a bit of dirt on it. A Chrisanne Clover dress really does stand the test of time.  


Feathers are now part of your style; do you think feathers are as popular now as they were many years ago? 

Mia: Yes most definitely, and I have had so many copies or inspirations taken from my dresses, the other day I had people with cameras trying to take pictures of my dress while I was in it I felt myself pressed up against the wall so they couldn’t take pictures of the back lol.  


Is red still your go to colour? 

Mia: Yes I think Red, Black and White are my favourite colours that I will always fall back on  

Maxine: We do have our eyes on the new Plum colour. We all completely fell in love with this colour, we love dark colours and this colour really suits Mia.  

Mia: My coaches say I look a lot better in bold colours, instead of pastel colours. I think sometimes they can get a little bit washed out on some floors. I loved my sugar pink Ballroom dress but with the lighting at Blackpool it did look a little bit lost.  


Do you think the lighting at the Albert Hall is different to the Blackpool Dance Festival? 

Mia: Yes I think the lighting at Blackpool is more pinky/purply but the royal albert hall it is quite bright and centred in the middle. The Albert Hall dancefloor has no corners so you have to just dance around and keep going.  




Have you changed your choreography for the Albert Hall dance floor? 

Mia: No not really, we don’t want to tempt fate haha 

Maxine: I think if they got through, they will just enjoy the moment 

Mia: I always feel when we dance in Amateur we dance a lot better because we have no pressure on us. Although maybe this year we might lol, but in Amateur we just let go and have fun. What I also like about The Internationals is you get judged on separate dances, so we don’t do a full 5 dances in one go. Although I always feel we dance better when it is 5 dances because we have good stamina, we can cope with it and we have the momentum to keep going.  

Andrei: At Blackpool you may also be judged on stamina, so those with good stamina to the last beat of quickstep may place higher. But at the Internationals you won't see that it is judged purely on the quality, style and technique of the dancing. The dancers in Youth and Amateur are at such a high standard, you could pick any 6 in the top 24 - it is so hard to call.  




You have just tried on our new Starlight Dancewear what do you think of the collection? 

Mia: I feel this collection is very elegant, classy as well as being girly and sexy. The dresses are really figure hugging and shows off all the right feminine features.  

Andrei: The fabric is stunning  

Maxine: you could wear these dresses for shows, and it has a Hollywood vintage glamour to it. For practice wear it is a very glamourous practice wear collection.  

Mia: The collection is very light and comfortable, and I love the fact that there is no crinoline at the hem, it makes the skirts lighter and floatier. I always tend to get my heel caught in crinoline so it's great I don’t need to worry about that.  


What are your plans after the Internationals? 

Andrei: Just training hard for the Assen Championships, Dutch Open that will take place in the beginning of November.  

Mia: Then it is the Nationals, the Blackpool British Closed, then after that it is the Dublin WDC World Championships. 

Andrei: After that it will be the UK Open in January and then the Milano Grand Ball. 


Do you get much of a break over Christmas? 

Andrei: Only about 1-2 weeks. I go home for a week or two to see my family 

Maxine: That is the only time they are apart really is at Christmas! 

Andrei. Yeh Mia stays home for Christmas and I go to see my family.  

Mia: We have a nice time at Christmas, I am always invited by Andrei’s family to spend Christmas with them, but I am very close with my little sister and she would be heartbroken if I went away. Every year we walk downstairs together and open our presents together 😊 


We wish Mia and Andrei all the best of luck for this years Internationals and we hope that your dreams will come true and dance on that Albert Hall dancefloor!  

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