an interview with paulina glazik and marek kosaty

Author Victoria McGregor

05 Apr 2019

Marek Kosaty & Paulina Glazik are one of our top Sponsored Gold Professional Ballroom dancers. As a Professional couple they are ranked 21 in the World and 3rd in Poland.

 They started dancing together in 2005 (January) as Youth, they now dance in Professional representing Poland.

 Popping into our head office to collect Paulina’s show dresses I managed to have a quick chat with them to find out how they are finding competing as Professional from Amateur, after taking a year break while Paulina had her beautiful boy Francesco…



Paulina and Marek in our new showroom with Paulina wearing our NEW Temptress Smooth Practice skirt >


Paulina how are you finding balancing being a Mum and a professional Ballroom dancer?

P:It is really a different world for me now as I have the dancing world and then the Mummy world so I find that now I am much more organized!


So how is it being competing in Professional? Is it much different to when you were competing in Amateur?

P: At the moment yes! When we competed in Amateurs the standard was very high but now that we are in Professional the standard is even higher! All the top 24 couples in Professional are excellent, so we need to practice and train much harder to remain on top with these top 24 couples. It is definitely a different level of dancing altogether being in Professional compared to Amateur.


Paulina wearing our NEW Principle dress in white >


Do you think your fashion sense has changed much since coming back to competing after having baby Francesco?

P: I think I like the same style but with slightly different changes, but usually I have like 1 major style with the way I like to look. I am not open to change much lol I like long sleeves to cover my arms and I like the lower part of my dress to be very light. Maybe for Blackpool I will have a different style of dress and try a more sexy Latin look… we will see ;)


How old is little Francesco now?

P: Now he is 1 1/2 years old


Is he home with Daddy?

P: Yes he is with Daddy or with my parents :)


And how is Daddy finding new parent life?

P: He is happy and somehow we manage to still work, he is still working and I am still working. I leave the house a lot for work, practice and travel but somehow we make it work.  When I am away he is at home, when he is away I am at home and somehow we just manage to work it out :)




And Marek you are a Godparent to little Francesco how is that for you?

M: Oh he is wonderful I just love him and I miss him so much when I am travelling and I always just cant wait to come back and see him when I am home!


So are you like one big happy family?

P & M: Yes most definitely, we are all so very close :)


What are your plans for the rest of the year ahead? How are you preparing for Blackpool?

M: We cannot say it is preparation for Blackpool because we are preparing all year. We have the 3 major comps: UK, Blackpool and Internationals during the year and the preparation is constant, so it’s not like a month before Blackpool, we are constantly preparing all year round. We were straight in the zone of very serious preparation when the time came after Paulina had her little boy from taking some time out, and we came back 100% full into dancing.

P: So it’s not maybe only for Blackpool but for the future we are hoping to see a difference in our results in 2-3 years. We don’t expect an immediate change to happen with our results in Blackpool this year.




Are there any major changes you are doing with your dancing from competing in Amateur to now Professional?

P: Definitely yes! We are changing like almost everything from when we were in Amateur!  We had good results as Amateurs winning 3 years in a row, but still we are searching for something different.

M: We want our dancing to be the best we have ever achieved so we have made major changes to the style, shape, image and routines of our dancing. We will be showcasing ourselves with a brand new image of our former selves from Amateur.


What do you guys do to relax when you are away from dancing and family life?

P: Marek doesn’t have time to relax lol!

M: OMG I am constantly travelling I could live on a plane I think!

P: Yeh he just changes his suitcase and washing and off he goes to a different place!

M: Yes all the time I am travelling which is a pity as I feel I am missing out on normal life, but I love it so much that I cannot stop – the urge to travel is stronger than me!


So where do you see your selves in 5 years time?

M: Ibiza lol!I don’t want to say about results because we are not 100% in charge of what will happen with our future results. But in our life I imagine we will have retired from competing, all our efforts will be in dancing and teaching. It will be a new life. It will be the end of our competition life and the start of our teaching life.


So you see that happening more in 5 years time then 10?

P: Yes I think so

M: In 10 years time we will be 20 ;)




 We wish Marek and Paulina the best of luck with their shows they have lined up before Blackpool and we cannot wait to see them dancing at the Blackpool Dance Festival in May!


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