an interview with sara shan

Author Victoria McGregor

02 Oct 2019

With the build-up to the Internationals taking place on the 10th October we have had the pleasure of seeing so many of our Sponsored Gold dancers walk through our Head Office for dress fittings and dress pick-ups, and it is so lovely to see our dancers since their success at the Blackpool Dance Festival. 



Sara Shan has recently turned Professional from Amateur and last year was Sara and Charles first competition dancing as Professional at the Albert Hall. This year Sara and Charles have enjoyed many successes including winning the Professional Rising Stars at the Blackpool Dance Festival. Here we catch up with the beloved Sara as she pops in for her dress fitting ... 



How has your year been so far? 

This year I feel it has been quite special, because we have just turned Professional and then we won the Professional Rising Stars at the Blackpool Dance Festival, it was really great moment for us 


How do you feel with the Internationals coming up – are you looking forward to it? 

Yes we are so looking forward to the Internationals as last year it was our first time turning Professional, this will be our second year and we really feel ready for it!  


Can you tell me more about your dance training and exercise regime? 

Normally we wake up in the afternoon lol, then we practice our Ballroom dance routines which can be mixed with Yoga and Pilates. 


Does Yoga and Pilates really help with your dancing? 

For me yes it is a crucial part of my training as I feel it really helps to keep me fit and flexible. 



Without giving too much away what can we expect to see you in at the Internationals? 

There may be feathers lol! For me feathers is very special. And this time I will be wearing a shade of blue 😊  


Who is your dress designer at Chrisanne Clover? 



How is your relationship with Joseph? 

Amazing! I love working with Joseph, I just give him a picture of an idea and the he totally gets what I am wanting and creates exactly what I need! 



How would you say dancing in Asia is different to the rest of the world? 

I am not sure how dancers train outside of China, but I know that Chinese dancers work and train really hard. Ballroom dancing originated in the UK/Europe so for us not only do we learn the history of the dance as well as the training of the dance, but also the language and translating the teaching into our language, and then put all of the knowledge and technique into our body.  


Do you have any advice for dancers moving from Amateur to Professional? 

It is not about dancing change, dancing you need to improve. In Amateur we were only thinking about how we look, but now I think more about how to help my students and how to translate what I have learnt back home to my school. 



What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Actually we have quite a lot of breaks 😊 I say this truthfully as I feel work and holidays must be balanced for us, if we don’t have enough time to relax the brain becomes a mess then it is not good for our dancing. Dancing is not just about muscle memory, but how to work mentally. Then you will understand more and your dancing will get better. So for us when we relax we hang out with friends we go to clubs, or eat a hot pot lol just normal things. 


What are your plans after the internationals? 

The London Ball, then back to China, then Bournemouth in January 😊 



We all wish Sara and Charles the best of luck dancing at the Internationals and we cannot wait to see you in your new couture!  


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