an interview with signe and dmitri

Author Victoria McGregor

10 Apr 2019

Signe and Dmitri are one of our top Sponsored Gold WDSF Ballroom dancers. Their main dance teachers Tania Kehlet and Emanuel Valeri are also one of our top Sponsored Gold dancers and have since retired from competing. Signe and Dmitri started dancing together in 2011 as Youth. They currently dance in Amateur and represent Denmark. Their best mark so far is placing a fantastic 10thplace at the WDSF Amateur World Championships. Signe grew up in Denmark and Dmitri is from Estonia, both started dancing at an early age of 3. By the age of 18 Dmitri made the decision to move to Denmark to pursue his dancing career with Signe and both have never looked back since.Popping into Chrisanne Clover for her dress fitting it was lovely to see Signe and Dmitri. It was great to catch up and see how they are doing and finding out what their plans are for the rest of the year…


How has your year been so far since last years GOC?

S: It has been good, lots of practicing! We have taken a bit of time out with not doing so many competitions; focusing more on the development of our dancing and to figure out what we want to achieve. Also with how we want to look in particular with my dress style has also been a big part of it. We have few comps coming up this Spring which leads to the European Championships in May. Now we are getting everything together ready for our first major competition on the 7thApril.



What changes are you making to your dancing?

D: We feel this year is going to be one of the most important years in our dancing career as this year we are 26, where we are not old yet lol but we are also not kids anymore and we feel after talking to our main trainers Emanuel and Tania, that this year will decide where we are going both as dancers and with our dancing results. We have changed our strategy where we are not doing so many competitions anymore, normally with WDSF there is a competition every weekend and we were travelling everywhere trying to do every competition we could possibly do. However this year after discussing with Emanuel and Tania, we will do less dance competitions and really focus on the specific training needed with the competitions that we will do. I feel this year after doing 2 competitions we have noticed a change for the better and we are improving. With this strategy in place with our dancing, we are also focusing on a new look with new tailsuits, new dresses and new ideas to create a stronger image and start taking more risks.

S: I agree, we want to make a stronger impact with each competition. Instead of doing so many competitions where the judges and spectators don’t notice much of a change, we want to try to make sure that with each competition people really do notice a change with our look and with our dancing. We are only 26 and we have a lot to give with nothing to loose.



What are your main competitions that you will be focusing on this year?

D: Actually we have a lot of major competitions such as the Danish Championships and European Championships, as well as The Grand Slams. With these major competitions we can’t wait to really focus our attention on these competitions.

S: We have won the National Championships the last 2 years so a priority for us is to keep that title, and focus on The Europeans, The Worlds and the Grand Slams. Mainly The German Open (GOC), Taipei and Russia. In WDSF these Grand Slam competitions are quite important, not as important as the Worlds and Europeans but are still very prioritised.


What months do these competitions happen?

April – Danish Championships

11thMay European Championships

2ndJune is the Taipei Grandslam

July Rimini Grandslam

August is The German Open

S: So every month there is a major competition in the run up to the German Open.


So what happens after August?

D: There will be an easy 2 months and then we have the World Champions in Lithuania at the end of November. I think the calendar looks pretty good – not so many breaks between the major competitions and we are really looking forward to focusing on these events.



Where do you mainly train?

S: In Denmark…

D: With our main teachers Tania and Emanuel, but we also have connections with my first teacher from Estonia Peep and Ave. We also go to William and Alessandra in Italy and we have started to come more often to England! We have just been to see Richard and Anne in January and we are so happy with the mix of teachers we have and have noticed a big difference already in our dancing. The last time we were in England was more than a year ago and we have discussed with Emanuel and Tania that we would like to come more often to England, it brings something new to our dancing that we would like to further develop.


So with the change in your dancing how to envision the change in your look and style?

S: With the skirts I want to make it more lighter than what I have had before which is something I have specifically asked for with my next dress, but I want to keep the glamourous look that Chrisanne Clover have always been known for, so I want to keep each dress still looking extremely elegant. The fashion of WDC and WDSF have slightly different styles, I feel with WDSF the look has become extremely light and streamlined, where WDC shows bigger skirts and bigger floats, so I want to go somewhere in the middle where I want to keep the glamour that I see with the big floats like in WDC, but also have the lightness in the skirts to help improve the look of our dancing.  What I have always loved about Chrisanne Clover dresses and why I have always bought a Chrisanne dress since I was little was the sheer beauty and luxurious quality of the designs, which I still want to shine through. 


Are you drawn to any particular colours?

S: Actually I have always been quite colourful, I just love colours and to experiment with different shades which I will still continue to do. Black and white I love also and will go back to that at some point I  have not had a black and white dress for a while. At the moment we are experimenting with shading and I enjoy seeing what colours work together.



With WDSF are there any particular colours that you notice dominate the dance floor?

S: I feel that Red is in fashion and is always on the dancefloor in all competitions that we do, for me red is a safe colour, you can never go wrong with red! So I haven’t gone for red in my next dress lol! I feel at the GOC bright colours are really good, as the dance hall is quite brown and if you wear brown shades you can get a little lost on the floor.


What is your style of crystallizing? Are you safe with Crystal AB or do you like contrasting colours, or a crystal match to the dress?

S: It depends I guess, I have had both where I have had same colour crystals to a dress and contrasting colours, at the moment with my new dress it will be crystal colours that enhance the colour of the dress. I love shading colours of crystals which I think Chrisanne Clover do beautifully. The crystals really make a difference to a dress and I really love a dress that is not over powered by crystals, but that the crystals are used to enhance the design of the dress.


Who are your dance inspirations?

S: We have been taught by Tania and Emanuel since we were very young, so we have grown up with them and watching them compete. Tania took me to Chrisanne for the first time so my immediate response to this question would be Tania and Emanuel. William and Alessandria, and Hans and Anne - they are also from Denmark like me, they were big idols for me when I was small. Richard & Janet and John & Anne, when we watch videos of them dancing they really touch something inside of us that inspires us to create the magic they created on the dance floor.  That is a big reason why we have lessons with these teachers as we find them all so inspiring.



How do you relax in your spare time?

S: Reading is a good thing for us, and for the last year we have enjoyed going to the ballet and theatre. We have enjoyed taking the time to spend money on other things like the theatre instead of just into dance lessons, this has really helped to clear our minds and help us to relax.

D: For example in the winter we saw the Nutcracker and Swan Lake -  I always thought that seeing these kind of shows was so expensive when really it is not that bad and we really enjoyed it!

S: I found it really inspiring to watch, we are all performers but taking the time to enjoy another type of performance instead of concentrating on our own was really exhilarating!



What has been your most favourite Chrisanne Clover dress?

S: I think Dmitri has a favourite and that’s the sugar pink dress I wore for the German Open, I can’t remember the year…

D:I think 2016! I am always relating the dresses with the results and we had great results with that dress lol!

S: I really liked this dress anyway, it was really beautiful but it is difficult as I really do like all my dresses!



How are Tania and Emanuel finding their new family life?

D: It is so funny yesterday we did a stamina practice with Tania and Emanuel and little Celine was on the floor watching us all dancing!

S: So everything has changed but nothing has changed lol

D: We as dancers think it is amazing how much time they spend with Celine, they never leave her out but at the same they are always there for all their students, it is like we are one big family. It is really inspiring to see first hand Tania and Emanuel still teach and perform shows. The other day they had only 4 hours sleep and then taught a stamina class the next day, it was really amazing to see and we have full admiration for them as a new family. They really do set the standard so high with no sleep!




How old is Celine now?

D: She is 6 months old. And she really does love dancing and loves the music. She never cries and is such a joy to have around!


 A huge good luck to Signe and Dmitri with the changes they will make to their dancing this year, we can’t wait to see Signe in her new dresses and we look forward to seeing them more in the UK in the near future :)

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