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Author Victoria McGregor

05 Apr 2018

Anna Zhou is our newest Sponsored Gold dancer. She wowed audiences with her beautiful style of dancing and gorgeous couture at the Bournemouth UK Open Championships in January 2018, reaching her highest dancing achievement by making the final with her partner Eric Li Cheng.


Welcome to the CHRISANNE CLOVER SPONSORED GOLD Family and a massive Congratulations on reaching your highest achievement at the UK Open Championships!

 Can you tell us how you felt about wearing your first CHRISANNE CLOVER Couture Dresses?


Thank you so much I am so so happy to be a representative of CHRISANNE CLOVER Couture on the dancefloor it is such a privilege. The dresses I wore at the UK Open were absolutely stunning I have never felt so beautiful and was such an incredible competition. I felt I had accomplished 2 of my lifelong dreams at this competition… not only did we get into the final but also getting into the final wearing CHRISANNE CLOVER Couture was absolutely amazing. I really felt like a princess and my couture truly gave me the confidence and recognition helped to get us in the final.



What were the comments you received from spectators, friends and coaches about your Dresses?

The Cobalt Blue dress BDD766MM was gorgeous with such exquisite design detailing and eye catching embellishment. The embellishment design flattered my figure and dance shape perfectly and the bead droppers added extra movement, texture and shine. The colour was perfect on the dancefloor so strong and bold everybody loved the colour so much. I also loved the little crystalized broach feature along the neckline it is perfection creating a beautiful jewel like quality.  

My Black dress BDD767MM was so beautiful! Saving this dress for the final I felt amazing walking out on stage dressed in this couture. Again, the delicate jewel feature along the neckline was perfect and the feather detail on the arms added that extra elegant design touch. People who commented on this dress loved the colour choice of the crystallization and pattern detailing.


What do you love about Chrisanne Clover Couture Dresses? 

Everything! They are so elegant with such beautiful attention to detail. The way the dress fits, cut and shape is perfection – my dresses fit me so perfectly. The crystallization is the best in the business the quality of the craftsmanship teamed with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI makes for truly outstanding garments. Each dress is so unique and of course I love the fact they are made in London, all designed and made in the CHRISANNE CLOVER Head Office. It is so nice to go for fittings and see dresses getting made and embellished – it is really a very unique and amazing experience.

What is your next couture inspiration and any idea on what colour you will be having for your next dress?

I am so excited for my next couture dresses which I am currently in design talks with the lovely Joseph at the moment for the run up to Blackpool. My favourite colours are Black, Red and White so not giving to much away my couture dresses will most probably be along these colour inspirations with maybe more of a metallic shine theme incorporated into the dresses. I love backless dresses with massive floats! I am open to Joseph’s design ideas and really looking forward to seeing the magic of these dresses come to life in Blackpool! Watch this space…



‘Anna is a joy to work with! Both her and her partner Eric are very bubbly and full of energy. High-spirited throughout the design and fitting process they understand how to work with CHRISANNE CLOVER to get the best we can give to make her look stunning.

Currently Anna has had a black dress with various gold stones and a cobalt with crystal and ab stones. Both were striking and she carried them with elegance and grace.

It is a privilege to be working with Anna 😊

Joseph Suttle, Couture Designer


 What are your favourite CHRISANNE CLOVER Dancewear pieces?

 Wow there are so many to choose from and I love them all! But most probably my favourite pieces would be the following…



As I mentioned above I love backless low cut shapes and this dress does this perfectly! The big keyhole back with the stunning corset tie up features both above and below the cut out. This is a beautiful contrast to the elegant front with a pin tuck waist design detail. The slash neck style top is lovely and flows perfectly into a crinoline trimmed skirt that creates so much movement! Love it :)



I love the elegant lace detail that hangs over the shoulders beautifully almost making it look like a lace bolero top over the dress! The beautiful stretch net key hole feature at the back is also superb with the gorgeous tie up to finish. The skirt also floats out so beautifully with the crinoline edge giving added movement!



I have had so many compliments wearing this dress! The back detail on this dress is so beautiful I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on. The simplistic front lace collar delving into a full lace back feature is beautiful. The lace looks like angel wings and I certainly feel angelic dancing in this. I love the little lace tie up at the back also it is in keeping with the delicacy of the lace. Love it :)


Read more about Anna in her profile for CHRISANNE CLOVER  HERE

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