baby ballroom featuring andrei toader and mia linnik holden

Author Victoria McGregor

10 May 2017

A new reality documentary shown on Channel 5 Star called BABY BALLROOM follows the lives of inspiring young dance couples from the dance studio ZIZ ZAG Dance Factory in Wolverhampton with dance teachers and World Dance Champions Warren and Jane Bullock. This amazing documentary is ‘lifting the lid on the competitive world of Junior Ballroom dance…’ and features our very own sponsored couple ANDREI AND MIA.




The show is currently aired every Thursday at 9pm. This is one of the first biggest documentaries ever made on Ballroom dancing with a series 2 and series 3 lined up at the ready.


Glued to the show and really excited to watch it every Thursday it really does capture the beauty, hard work and dedication needed to be first class baby Ballroom champions. Following the lives of these dancers is really inspiring to how much work they dedicate their time to be masters in their craft.


In particular it was really fascinating watching the lives of Mia and Andrei being such a big part of Chrisanne Clover. The bravery with how Andrei has moved from Romania away from his family at the age of 12 to live with Mia and her family in order to achieve their dreams at such a young age is amazing. Going to the same school and living under one roof this couple dedicate all their spare time to dance practice, lessons and then weekend competitions.

Only 13 and 14 years of age I was amazed at how mature they are with such respect for one another and dedication to be the best. Not forgetting the backbone to this couple’s talent and driving force Maxine Holden (Mia’s mum) who dedicates all her time and energy making sure their dreams become a reality.




I loved watching Mia wearing Chrisanne Clover dance wear especially when she wore the Sapphire Latin dress from our LBD collection for a show dance, and the Tania Zenith Trousers in practice. 


Talking to Maxine Holden about the show and their experience Maxine had this to say:

 We are really pleased with the show and have had the most positive feedback from it. I was obviously worried as these things can be edited in a negative or positive way - I was assured before we committed to it that the producers wanted to promote the world of dancing we love and whilst there are naturally highs and lows in any journey - they promised me they wanted to portray the determination, commitment and drive Andrei and Mia have and basically they are happy good kids ! And I think that came across. I think it also came across how much they respect one another and care for one another and how we all do as a family. So I am happy and most importantly kids are happy with it.


I hated watching myself on tv and am arranging to have my jaw wired as we speak! but it's me so I have to accept it lol. We enjoyed being part of the show - I won't lie we found it stressful at competitions being mic’d up and off for interviews as I didn't want it to detract from the job in hand at the competitions. The fall was a nightmare (from last weeks episode 2) but it happens - we dealt with it and like a pro Mia carried on. I think the most important thing for me is people saw them as normal happy kids who just love what they do. I am so proud of them x


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