be inspired with ballroom dress trimmings

Author Victoria McGregor

22 Feb 2017

Feathers on Ballroom dresses have made a massive comeback on the dance floor with the demand for feather boas literally flying through the roof!
If you desire the look of feathers but want ideas on how to use it differently, or fancy a completely different look still keeping the volume and texture in your dress... but not sure where to start?
Tiziana our Couture Account Executive has searched through our archives of Ballroom dresses to help give you some ideas and be inspired ...


Extra Wide Crinoline Hem



How about creating this look with crinoline that really kicks out the bottom of the skirt and adds so much volume and movement to your dress...

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Tulle Frills


Using our tulle you can create so much volume and fluffiness with tulle frills along the skirt line.. 

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Crystallized Hem

Why not spot the hem of your dress with crystals instead of feathers! The added weight of the crystals and sparkle will create such movement and shine to your dress - and we all love crystals right? The more the better :) 

Shop our range of Swarovski crystals here:




What about using crinoline spiral frill godets creating so much volume and texture you will surely stand out a mile with this look!

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Ribbon and Lace Borders


How about adding lace or ribbon borders either hemmed along the bottom of the skirt or higher up. This look creates a luxurious feel to your dress without the need of feathers

Shop our range of lace borders and satin bias here:



Feather appliqué


If you still want the feather look without the use of feather boas how about using feather fringe along the hem and fading up the dress...

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Feather Floats and features



As well as having feather appliqué fading up the dress you could add feather detail for floats using feather hackle and antenna, or more as a feature along the bodice and hips...

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Rather than using feather fringe for the whole skirt why not have a feature feather godet either centre back or to the side...




You could use feather as float pieces instead of fabric such as a piece of marabou feather, or taking the feather boa and cutting into small pom pom effects ...

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Of course lets not forget the ever popular feather boa effect along the hemline that looks so elegant and gorgeous :)

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