be inspired with crystals from swarovski

Author Victoria McGregor

24 Mar 2020


Crystals from Swarovski® is the finest brand for luxury loose, precision-cut crystals. They stand out, not just because of their striking, dazzling appearance, but due to the visible premium product quality which each and every crystal encapsulates. As a recommended authorized wholesaler, Chrisanne Clover offers an extensive range of Crystals from Swarovski®, including the popular Xirius 2088 crystals – both Flat Backs and Hot Fix as well as Sew on Stones in may different sizes, colours and effects. Crystals from Swarovski® are the only brand of crystals we use in all of our couture dresses and is the reason our couture has such stand out brilliance on the dance floor.


With Swarovski’s vast and striking colour range I find out from our designers what their favourite colours and collections they love to work with and why …


'I love using the DeLite LacquerPRO effect collection combined with the Crystal Shimmer's more than anything! I love to create shading in my designs and these crystals are perfect when they are combined with full colour crystals, as they catch the light beautifully highlight the different shades used. 

This dress I have recently designed highlights the DeLite crystals perfectly' Kushy Juttla



Delicate hand crystallized petal and floral shapes flowing perfectly across the bodice with Swarovski's DeLite lacquerPRO effect crystals in colours Light Grey DeLite,  Lotus Pink DeLitePeach DeLiteLavender DeLite and Rose Peach.


I have so many favourite crystals…! But I love shading with most of the blue crystals in particular! Cobalt Shimmer being a top fave! However one I have used recently and really loved using was Light Colorado Topaz shimmer; it shines beautifully. I love pairing it with midnight sky, forest green, hematite… I could go on! I think it shows luxury and radiance with how well it sparkles with the two tone effect unique to shimmer stones!
 BDD032PP is a dress I recently used this on 😊' Joseph Suttle



This stunning  Ballroom dress features our new colour Forest Green that is beautifully embellished in Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer In flat backs and sew on crystals in Teardrop. The colour is so tonal it reflects the light differently at every angle. 


'Personally I love using the range of DeLite Crystals! They shade beautifully and there are a lot of delicate pastel hues to choose from which strongly reflect current catwalk trends.  

Use these versatile and delicate stones to highlight self-colour fabrics like the Burgundy DeLite used on plum such as in our dress BDD853NN or try shading the amazing colour range such as on our buttercream dress BDD858NN.' Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid




Embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski® in the NEW DeLite collection including Light Grey DeLitePeach DeLite, Lavender DeLite and Ocean DeLite,  perfectly combined with a dazzling mixture of Shimmer effect Sew On Stones in colours Crystal ShimmerLight Amethyst Shimmer, Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer and Light Sapphire Shimmer.


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