be inspired with hybrid hues

Author Victoria McGregor

05 Mar 2021

Be Inspired with our Hybrid Hues couture that combines 2 shades from our colour range creating unique and interesting tones. So whether you cannot decide between 2 of your favourite colours, or you want to create a shade that is slightly in different tone; there are endless possibilities to creating the colour you want, your way ...


Hybrid hues was an extremely fun collection as it was a fantastic opportunity to experiment with our fabrics and see how we could combine and overlay colours to create new and exciting hues. We used  a variety of techniques, such as strong contrasts like Plum over Tropic Lime to create high impact or more tonal blends, such as bluebell over sugar pink to produce a soft and dreamy lilac. Whether it’s buttery Papaya or dramatic Viper, we hope these new colours inspire you, the options are endless! 

 Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer


 Most of these dresses are no longer available, but please contact our couture team for a dress inspired by this collection




Be inspired with this couture  that combines colours saffron over orange creating a stunning shade of mango.


This Ballroom dress combines colours lilac dream and sugar pink to create multi tonal effects from the bodice to skirt.


This couture experiments with creating different tonal shades by using Bluebell over Sugar Pink.


This couture combines colours spearmint and sugar pink creating stunning hues and shading. Why not combine your 2 favourite colours to create a couture as unique as you!


Can’t decide between two of your favourite colours? Why not combine the two and create a design different at all angles! This couture combines hematite with buttercream creating gorgeous textures and shine.


This couture beautifully combines Jade over Electric Pink creating luscious hues and shading.


Love the colour orange but want to tone it down? Experiment with layering darker colours over orange to create different shades and tones.


A colour like no other this  couture combines colours Plum over Tropic Lime creating a gorgeous hue.


Be inspired with this couture that combines Plum over Blue Zircon creating a stunning hue.


Watch for more colour combination ideas ...

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