be inspired with lace

Author Victoria McGregor

26 Apr 2019

Be Inspired with lace this Spring season and create great texture detailing in your designs. Perfect for adding a touch of individuality and style. With our vast collection of motifs and ribbons the design possibilites are endless!


Madonna Motif >

Madonna lace motif is a beautiful floral guipure lace pair. You can cut into pieces to add more flexibility and variety to your design or leave alone as it is. Available in over 19 colour options perfectly matching with our essential colour range.

Adding crystals can create dynamic effects to laces and the madonna lace is an easy to follow outline to embellish using ss16's. But why not change it up and embellish around the outer lace to keep the texture and design of the lace more prominent. 

Be inspired with this picture of our Madonna Motif in Orange placed over black stretch net, beautfully embellished in Swarovski Crystals in colours Electric Yellow, Yellow Opal, Sunflower and Tangerine.


Heartleaf Motif >

This beautiful lace pair is available in 20 colours that perfectly colour match with our essential fabric collection. Now part of our Last Chance to Buy collection and only available while stocks last. This ornate motif is perfect for those looking for a non floral lace and can be cut into smaller shapes to add more variety to your designs.
With its easy to follow pattern you can crystallize with ease. This lace has been popular for menswear and hair accessories as well as dance dresses. With its beautiful texture why not experiment with placing over busy fabrics for added texture.
Be Inspired with our Saffron couture Ballroom dress BDD077NN >  that combines the texture of the lace bordering over a heavily encrusted centre. Teamed with Geometric stretch lace godets for a dynamic lace finish.


Fire Motif >
Be inspired with our NEW motif collection Fire available in 3 colour options. This motif has a beautiful textured quality with layers of separate leaf shapes overlapping one another creating fantastic depth. Shown perfectly in our Ballroom dress BDD669NN > with 3 pieces enhancing the right side, layered over feathers. Embellished in Crystals from Swarovski in colours Air Blue Opal, Crystal, Light Sapphire, Black Diamond Shimmer, Graphite and Montana. 


Lucy Lace Ribbon >
Our Last Chance to Buy collection of Lucy Ribbons are available in 27 colours perfectly colour matching with our essential colours. This ribbon can be cut into individual motifs for easy application. With its ornate pattern it is the perfect easy to follow design to embellish. Shown here in the colour hematite you can create an all over lace effect with its sister lace Tamara Lace Ribbon > in both left and right styles. 

Pictured right the lace is layered over hematite lustre lycra an is embellished with Swarovski crystals Electric Blue and Army Green DeLite. 


Pictured: Lucy Ribbon layered over Rose Stretch Lace, Buttercream lycra and  Velvet Narrow Stripe Burnout. 


Purple Rain >

Be Inspired with our collection of Purple Rain guipure lace pictured featuring Victoria Ribbon, Heartleaf Motif and Tamara Ribbon. Layered over lustre lycra embellished in Swarovski Burgundy DeLite Crystals. 


Gold Lace >
This striking Lilac Dream Ballroom dress BDD599NN > is beautifully adorned with Sylvie > and Sophie >lace ribbon that creates a luxurious ornate effect. Embellished in Crystals from Swarovski including colours Light Colorado Topaz, Light Silk, Light Rose and Blush Rose. 


Bring the Spring Summer season to your couture with our vast collection of pink motifs and ribbons. Create dynamic placements with ourChrissy motifs > as shown on our Ballroom dressBDD304NN > embellished with Swarovski Crystals in colours Light Rose, Rose, Crystal, Olivine.

The bottom image shows placement experimentation on our Principle Dress and the different dynamic effects you can create. 



This striking Fluo Red Latin dress LDD36NN >  is beautifully adorned with freedom, hero and heartleaf motifs and crystallized with Swarovski Crystals in Hyacinth and Hyacinth Shimmer. 


Cara Motif >
The Cara motif motif features beautiful shades of blues and greens that really come alive as a placement on couture. Teamed above with the Chrissy Motif  on dress BDD546NN >  layered over Blueberry fabric against our NEW flower carnival print, and with dress BDD145NN > against Electric Blue and White. 


'The Eternal Motif is a fantastic lace, as it is easy to crystallize by following the shape of the lace. It has a lighter look than some of the other guipure lace motifs, so even when fully embellished it does not add extra weight to the dress. A good example of this lace on a dress is BDD750MM >. There is a lovely feature using this lace on the edge of the sleeve. The lace is really versatile as you can use it on delicate intricate designs or as strong and bold features, depending on how the lace is crystallized and decorated!’

Kushy Jutlla, Couture Designer

The eternal motif is also featured on this monochrome Ballroom dress BDD006NN > embellished in Jet Swarovski Crystals



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