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Author Victoria McGregor

25 Oct 2019


The prestigious International Championships at the Albert Hall was truly mesmerising with all the beautiful couture dancing across the floor! We were so proud to see our Ballroom dresses beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals, light up the floor. 

Be Inspired with some of the looks as our couture designer Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid tells us her highlights of the designs that graced the Internationals ...


What colours would you say were trending at the Internationals?

'White was a big trend, especially in the final. There were also a lot of light soft pastel colours which worked really well on the floor.

We used some new and exciting Swarovski® crystals such as the beautiful pendants we used on Olga's dress. This added a very unique and couture element to her dress.' 


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'Izabela's cobalt dress was very striking on the floor. The sleeves added interest while the shaded crystallisation really shone on the floor.'

'Natascha's final dress really stood out great on the floor! The contrast with the cobalt and white was very strong, especially with the half and half effect. The gold embellishment on the back of the dress added another exciting dimension.'

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'Sara's Bluebell dress was very beautiful. The embellishment was stunning, even from up in the stands and the feathers added a delightful softness' 

'Joanne's Ice Blue dress was very exciting. Full of movement and feathers with the magnificent sleeves! It had a great presence on the floor and the Ice blue colour was very light and fresh, it really stood out'

'The colour buttercream looked extremely elegant on the dancefloor and mixing it with a vibrant shade such as Electric Pink and Fuchsia crystals as featured on Liis End's dress created great impact.' 

'Mia looked stunning in her Internationals debut in Amateur Ballroom wearing a dazzling Wine couture adorned with feathers. The venue lighting made this colour very rich in colour creating a very classy look.' 

Were there any particular accessories/trimmings that were trending at the Internationals?
'Bead Droppers had a really strong presence on the dance floor and added an extra element of movement'. This was a strong feature on Paulina's and Monica's dresses'.


' Feathers were so popular on the dance floor. There was a strong trend of feathers being used in new ways, especially on the arm and sleeves' as pictured with Izabela's and Nataliya's dresses.'


What dress trends can we expect to see on the dancefloor for 2020?

'I believe bead droppers and feathers will continue as a trendsetter. New sleeve styles will also be very popular, such as Joanne and Izabela's dress's. This is a new and fun way to incorporate floats into a dress. 

Shaded crystallization is always a strong feature that looks great on any floor.'


Shine fabrics was also a very prominent trend at the Internationals, as featured on Natascha's Gold and White Ballroom dress which she wore in earlier rounds. Our new starlight fabrics are perfect for this and adds stunning depth to dresses.'



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