beads and pendants from swarovski

Author Victoria McGregor

22 Mar 2017

Alice in Tokyo

Collection of Swarovski® Beads & Pendants


Back by popular demand we have just relaunched a magnificent collection of Swarovski glass beads and pendants that is perfect for jewellery making and interior decoration. These gorgeous beads will also make a stunning edition to enhance your couture. This collection includes many different shapes and sizes in an array of colours, which you could mix together and create striking pieces of art.



Use your creativity to create exquisite necklaces and bracelets with the use of the many different shapes available such as:



To add dimension and individuality we also have beauteous delicate shapes including Butterfly 5754, Flower 5744 and Heart 5742 to add that personal touch that you can use to create gorgeous pieces for yourself, or as gifts for loved ones. 


The angelic Floral Pendant 6744 is a perfect way to finish off your design with a feminine touch.


Why not create visionary art for your home décor crafting innovative art with curtain tie backs, lamp accessories, chandelier effects or embroidery for your cushions and soft furnishings…


How about that special occasion such as a wedding and using them as table or chair decorations, centre pieces or gift and favour ideas…


Not forgetting your beautiful Ballroom or Latin dress that could do with that extra added sparkle, either using them as jewellery pieces or embroider on your couture creating dazzling new depths and dimension.

The perfection of Swarovski Crystals means the many facets and high precision cut will enhance the light reflection beautifully creating such magnificent sparkle and shine.

With a hole through the centre these glass beads are suitable for stringing on wire, thread or elastic.


Get crafting today … The possibilities are endless!!


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