blackpool 2016 a chrisanne clover world

Author Victoria McGregor

24 Jun 2016

Blackpool Dance Festival 2016

A Chrisanne Clover World


Chrisanne Clover were proud to take part in the Blackpool Dance Festival this season to showcase our business in the stunningly beautiful Imperial Hotel. Even though Crystal Clover has been at the Imperial for many years, this year saw Chrisanne Clover’s expansion into another room with a vast amount of space that even included a dance floor! With champagne flowing on ice surrounded by the view of gorgeous couture dresses, fabric and dancewear we wanted to know what our Chrisanne Clover team working at the festival thought to this new and exciting experience….



How was it at Blackpool being Chrisanne Clover as a new company for the first time?

The ultimate emotion was one of excitement as we ventured on another new step to bring Chrisanne Clover to a passionate and knowledgeable clientele.

We hoped to build on the successes we had since Chrisanne Clover was born, to create an impact that would be remembered and an experience that would be enjoyed by all.

 We are very pleased to report that we achieved on all fronts but as is our makeup, we will not rest and next year will be a welcome challenge as we strive to better this year.


How was it being in the imperial hotel with the new room and vast amount of space?

After over two decades at the illustrious Winter Gardens for Chrisanne, the move to the Imperial was always going to be something of stepping into the unknown, for Crystal Clover whilst not moving venue the vastness of the new room was something to be considered and for all of us there was a sense of awe around what was to be done.

 Our main goal was to create a Chrisanne Clover world, one that was welcoming, relaxing and exciting at the same time. That allowed all the products to be displayed to their best and encouraged customers to engage with both product and staff.

 Our biggest fear was that the feeling would be that of a stand sitting inside a huge space.

 We worked through several ideas in the months up to May and finally decided on how we were going to achieve what we wanted, and what a success it was.

 We created a space that looked amazing and where it was a pleasure to shop and take your time about it. We certainly ticked all the boxes and learnt for next year.



What was your favourite part of the stand?

The team’s favourite part was the most lively part of the stand this was the whole middle section from side to side. This included the fitting area which was a constant buzz of people trying on dresses or practice wear, the dance floor with relaxing chairs through to the hospitality area. Customers were continually present across this section as they were making decisions about what or how much they should buy.


What was the customers feedback to the new stand and location?

Above all the response was extremely positive, at the beginning of the event some customers were unsure about what had happened to Chrisanne and that they were surprised not to find anything at the Winter Gardens but by the end this was not mentioned as the news of what a presentation and experience we had created at the Imperial circulated.

 For the stand itself the feedback was very pleasing to hear, and particularly that we had successfully taken how to present Chrisanne Clover to a higher level, our challenge is to now maintain or better this.



What was the most popular product sold?

This is actually quite a difficult answer as no one single product stood out, dresses sold very well and the reaction and success of the new range with Espen were highlights but the rest of the product offer also sold well.


Was there anything in particular customers asked for that we didn't have but will work on aiming to get in the future?

In all honesty in terms of products available we were always able to meet what we were asked for, particularly as we could get deliveries from the head office in London.

 We were asked for more branded products to buy and we will be developing these for future events.



What is your favourite memory of the event?

Just how busy we were constantly, and how we were able to make clients feel, enjoy their experience with the Chrisanne Clover team and walk away with preferably exciting products or at the least a good memory.


Would you change anything for next year?

We have some new ideas about the layout of the stand to increase our own efficiency and want to further develop some ideas that we started this year to make next year and even greater success.


In regards to the dance fashion what colours were the most popular on the dance floor?

For Ballroom- Colours with strong and bold hues like red, are a favourite among dancers, this year picking up on the vibrant side with Fluorescent Red and Tango Flare. Since the lighting has been upgraded Neon colours now work particularly well. So a newly emerging trend is for Tropical hues:- Paradise Blue, Sassy Yellow, Fluo. Green, Fluorescent Red, Tutti Frutti and Orange.

For Latin- Colours with a rich Metallic feel are still present, focussing more on new ways to use rich tones in Silver, Gold and Bronze. This year’s new trend began to see hues of Green right across into Tropic.Yellow.


Any new dress styles & fabrics featured at Blackpool?

 In Ballroom the well placed Frill or Swarovski Pearl is a must and interestingly Tulle skirts still feature heavily with new constructions being used, diagonal styling, adding layers. An emergence is satin panel dresses also spotted particular feathers, lacing, bead droppers along the arm etc

In Latin the long and elegant body-con look is still in fashion but use of feathers is coming back into fashion again, striking use of shaped panels and self colour stoning.


What are you looking forward to most about going back next year?

Getting back to the buzz of engaging with customers and working as a great team at the most well known ballroom dancing event in the world.


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