blackpool british nationals 2018

Author Victoria McGregor

23 Nov 2018

This November saw the British Nationals take place in the prestigious Blackpool Wintergardens. A 3 day event of Ballroom and Latin dancing for British couples, saw so many fantastic results from many of our Sponsored Gold and Sponsored dancers…



1st place

Mark and Olga Elsbury

'🇬🇧 British Champions 2018 ✨🏆✨

We are so very grateful for all the messages and congratulations coming from all over uk and abroad
its impossible to put into worlds how much that means to us!!! THANK YOU 
I’m so proud of my amazing husband who is now a British Champion in every category: juvenile, junior, youth, amateur, professional show dance and last night - Professional Ballroom. 
Thank you 🙏 to our wonderful sponsors:
Chrisanne Clover👗
Brackleys Anthony Bailey 👔
Mariola Free supadance 👠
Mira Franz 👱🏿‍'

Olga Elsbury


2nd Place

Craig and Evgeniya Shaw


'Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts for the love and support we received in that famous ballroom last night. We gave everything and more to become champions. It was our first competition together way back when and last night was our 9th Nationals but it wasn't to be. We comfort ourselves with the outpouring of support and love and messages from what felt like most of the room last night. That's our win - thank you #thankyou #peopleschamp#love #support #grind #dance #ballroom #family'

Craig Shaw


3rd Place

Jack Beale and Nataliia Sianko

'British National 2018! It was absolutely delight to dance once again in the beautiful Winter Gardens to the famous Empress Orchestra! Thank you to all our teachers, friends , family for supporting us! We enjoyed every moment of it! 
Also what a fantastic privilege was to be a part of the WORLD PROFESSIONAL LATIN CHAMPIONSHIP opening ceremony dancing with our comrades!!! Thank you BDF and BDC Alex Ivanets Lisa Bellinger for invitation! 
And of course our endless love and thanks go to our sponsors
FREED OF LONDON Kathryn Spinks
Ajour design Oksana Baltacha
Chrisanne Clover 
Lella Milano.'

Jack and Nataliia 😘❤️❤️❤️🔥


4th Place

Ben Taylor and Stefanie Bossen

'British Nationals 2018 💕 
What a fabulous evening last night. We very much enjoyed performing in Blackpool and finished in 4th place in all five dances. Thank you so much for all the lovely messages and words on the night. The National Championship has always been one of our favourite comps and once again the Winter Gardens ballroom, the music, the atmosphere and the magic of our dancing world didn’t disappoint! 
A special thank you to our team of sponsors! We are proud to work in partnership with you and represent you! Stefanie Bossen
Chrisanne Clover 👗 
Ids England Justin 👠👞 
Brackleys 🎩 
Ballroom Bling 💍 
DanceCos ☀️'

Stefanie Bossen


It was amazing to see so many Chrisanne Clover Sponsored Gold and Sponsored couples in the final.

We are all so proud to be sponsoring the top Professional Ballroom dancers in the UK! 

Watch the finalists dance HERE


Watch Mark and Olga, Craig and Evgeniya and Jack and Nataliia dance a fantastic show dance Tango HERE



1st place

Kyle Taylor and Izabela Skierska


'Amazing to win a 6th British Amateur Ballroom Championship last night! It was a fantastic competition and English dancing is stronger than ever with so many talented couples!! 🇬🇧 #british #proud #champion #ballroomdancing@izabelaskierska Ray Rose Dance Shoes Chrisanne Clover Thank you all 🙏🙏🙏 @ Winter Gardens Blackpool'

Kyle Taylor



Michael and Nika Foskett

'We are extremely pleased with our performance yesterday, dancing in the British National Amateur Ballroom Final. The atmosphere was unbelievable made even more special as it was such a strong competition. It’s always an amazing feeling dancing in the @wgbpl to the iconic sound of the Empress Orchestra. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support and of course to our fabulous sponsor @chrisanne_clover. Thank you also to @studioarmell@ballroombling@styledbysteph1 and @idsdanceshoes for competing our look.'

Michael Foskett



1st Place

Petar Daskalov and Zia James



Nick Kelly and Cheyenne Russell


'...We leave Blackpool as Professional Latin Semi-Finalists, and most amazingly British National Professional Ballroom Showdance Champions! To say we are over the moon would be an understatement! We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and support we have recieved, we are so pleased! We would of course like to thank all of our sponsors for everything they do for us, Ajour Design Oksana Baltacha Rhinestone HQ Zeynep Jennings Chrisanne Clover for the beautiful dresses and decoration, Brackleys Anthony Bailey for Nick's suits, Thomas Perssonfor Nick's latin, but a special shout out for the amazing trousers for our Showdance! And last but not least Supadance Barry David-Free Mariola Free for our absolutely wonderful shoes, amd a secial Thank you again for the matching shoes for our Showdance! 
We also couldn't do it without all of our wonderful teachers and coaches, thankyou for your understanding, but a special Thankyou goes to our coach Mark Willemite, without whose help we would have not made such a fabulous Showdance. Thankyou for all of your guidance and support, we couldn't have done it without you! 
So, after the ridiculously long status, we would just like to say one last Thankyou, and onto the next one! 😚

Cheyenne Russell



4th Place

Andrei Toader and Mia Linnik-Holden


British Nationals 2018 ..wasn’t what we hoped and worked for but always an honour to make the final and we placed 4th in the u21 ballroom. Congratulations to all our competitors and thank you for motivating us to continue working Hard ... genuinely always an honour to share the floor and friendships with you all Thank you Blackpool Dance Festival organisers for a wonderful event. Thank you for all the really positive comments and messages we have received during and following the competition. We have received so many

On this note, we would like to share that prior to Nationals we made the decision to specialise in Ballroom and for this reason we only danced ballroom at nationals. This has not been a decision we have made lightly - There are many positive reasons why we have made this choice, but ultimately it comes down to our passion for ballroom. We will still continue with some latin lessons a month to continue to learn and develop in this style and we will still offer and continue to enjoy performing latin at demonstrations.

Thank you to all our past and present latin coaches / guest coaches who have influenced our dancing and performance in so many postive ways.

Special thanks and so much love to Mark Lunn, who began Mias Open Latin journey - you will always be special to me . The wonderful Margaret redmond - we will still be guided by you and love you dearly and Gunnar Gunnerson ... we are so grateful for your wonderful coaching 

We achieved great things in our Latin - just a few to mention:

British National juvenile Latin Champion
European Juvenile Latin Vice Champion
British Open Juvenile Latin Finalist
WDC world Juvenile Latin Finalist
International championship finalists

British UK closed u14 Latin Champions
European u14 Latin Vice Champions 
British Open u14 Latin Vice Champion
Dutch Open u14 Finalists
WDC u14 Latin Vice Champions

British National U16 Latin Champions 
European u16 Latin finalists
British Open u16 Latin finalists
International u16 Latin finalists

We feel this decision is the right time for us and are so excited for our future.

Much love


Good luck with your Ballroom dancing career Andrei and Mia from everyone at Chrisanne Clover!


In another part of Europe at the same weekend our sponsored Gold dancer Natascha Karabey and partner Domen Krapez went to the top of the podium with their first World title win! Winning the World Professional Showdance Championships in Bonn, Germany



'We are so happy and proud to become WDC World Champions in Show Dance!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for an amazing support🙏🙏🙏🙏 ⭐️⭐️⭐'

Natascha Karabey Domen Krapez


Watch them dance their World Championship Showdance routine HERE


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