british national championships 2017

Author Victoria McGregor

24 Nov 2017

The British National Dance Championships took place last weekend 16th-18th November in the prestigious Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. At Chrisanne Clover we are so proud of the many Sponsored and Sponsored Gold couples who took part dancing magnificently and achieving wonderfully high results.


Here are the results and the garments worn by our Sponsored Gold performers…




1st Place Warren & Kristi Boyce

 Placing an impressive 1st place our beautiful Kristi wore a stunning black and white monochrome Ballroom dress embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal. Godets layered with georgette over satin chiffon, over organza hemmed in crinoline with a wire hem finish creating beautiful volume and movement.


2nd Mark & Olga Elsbury

 Dancing beautifully into 2nd place Olga wore  a radiant metallic gold and white ballroom dress featuring metallic dot lycra in goldAdorned in gold bead droppers and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal ABLight Colorado Topaz and Golden Shadow.


3rd Craig & Evgeniya Shaw 

Placing 3rd place our gorgeous Evgeniya wore a stunning Red Velvet Gloss Ballroom dress, embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB. Godets layered with satin chiffon over organza with feather fringe trimming spiral frill wrist floats completing the look.


Our Sponsored Couples placed brilliantly with

4th Jack Beale & Natalia Siian

6th Alex Shindila & Jade Main


Amateur Ballroom

Kyle Taylor & Izabela Skierska

Placing a fantastic 1st place Izabela wore a dazzling metallic gold  Ballroom dress adorned in gold bead droppers and decorated with Ariana motifs in gold. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®  in Crystal AB, Light Colorado TopazLight SilkSilk Shimmer and Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer.


Amateur Latin

1st Peter Daskalov & Zia James

our Sponsored couple did us very proud dancing beautifully into 1st place.



Junior Balloom

1st Andrei Toader & Mia Linnik Holden 

 Placing a fantastic 1st place, Mia wore a stunning Cobalt blue Ballroom dress for her earlier rounds. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Cobalt and Cobalt Shimmer, with godets layered in satin chiffon over organza.


For the final Mia wore a striking black velvet Ballroom dress embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal and 5817 flat back pearls in white. Godets layered with black georgette adorned in exquisite feather fringe, over satin chiffon with organza underskirts hemmed in crinoline with a wire hem finish.


Junior Latin

2nd Andrei Toader & Mia Linnik Holden

Also placing a brilliant 2nd Place in Latin, in earlier rounds Mia wore an elegant Black stretch net Latin dress embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in colours Volcano and Amethyst.


For the final Mia wore a Stunning White stretch net Latin dress adorned in shaded bugle bead droppers Silver to Aqua, and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® with Crystal AB.


A massive congratulations to all of our couples from everyone here at Chrisanne Clover!


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