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Author Victoria McGregor

26 Sep 2018

With our NEW 2018/19 Catalogue having just launched earlier this month, we have had an impressive amount of feedback with the overall look and style of the catalogue. A creative brief for our photography focused on movement, to highlight not just the products but their  performance on the dancefloor. Our inspiration was to show our extensive range of products giving confidence that the finished items will perform allowing dancers to move freely on the floor. The result of a beautiful collection of images captured perfectly by photographer Simon Tang.


Modelled beautifully by our Sponsored Gold dancer Evgeniya Shaw and Craig Shaw they truly captured the magic of the couture and movement of the dance, creating elegant lines and posture that made for such beautiful photography...



What did you enjoy most about the photoshoot?

The main thing we loved is that this photoshoot was about the movement, and the beauty of the dance. That’s what we’ve been learning to do from a very early age, so it was very enjoyable to be captured in a true moment.


Was there any dress in particular worn for the shoot that was your favourite?

I loved dancing in all the dresses. They all have their own story and represent so much. Each one of them made me feel like a Queen. The cover dress was just White Magic- it was so fluid and soft, I felt like I was dancing inside the cloud.


How does it feel to be on this years catalogue cover?

We are very proud and honoured to be on the cover of the new Chrisanne Clover catalogue.

Their vision is just impeccable, we were really pleased that the theme was the beauty of the dance. The message that not only it is essential for the dresses to look gorgeous but it’s also vital to enhance the movement of the dancer comes across very strongly. And Chrisanne Clover knows better than anyone how to deliver the 2 in perfect tandem.

Evgeniya Shaw



Here we take a closer look at the dresses used throughout our catalogue, each one embellished beautifully with Crystals from Swarovski®


BDD271NN (sold)

Our front cover dress featured throughout the catalogue is a pure beauty to behold. A luxurious soft and elegant couture that floats beautifully and captures amazing movement. A neck scarf and magnificent floats were made to enhance the movement of the georgette and floats beautifully across the pages. Stretch net is pleated expertly across the bodice and shoulders, with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® sprinkling the bodice perfectly in Crystal White Pearls and Crystal. Skirts layered with georgette, satin chiffon and organza creates fantastic volume.


‘For this dress the inspiration was all about movement, creating a dress that highlighted and showcased our fabrics. I looked at a lot of current fashion images to draw inspiration to design something fashion forward but also danceable.

 I did a lot of concepts, which we presented to the team involved. From there we picked our favourite ideas and continued to develop and refine these until we came up with the final design. I think the whole process was probable about 1 ½ weeks from my very first concepts to the final sketch.



It was really exciting seeing the final catalogue images, they looked beautiful and really captured the movement and essence of the dress. The photography had a real mood behind it that complimented the drama of the dress. It’s always exciting seeing your design come to life 😊’

Phoebe Radcliff, Couture Designer




Our Swarovski Ballroom dress was designed to capture the beauty and elegance of the Crystals. Featuring a nude bodice adorned in Crystal AB with a gorgeous back design decorated with an exquisite collection of sew on shapes. Skirts layered with pleated georgette, satin chiffon and organza creates luxurious texture.





Evgeniya’s sponsored Ballroom dress designed for the UK Closed, features elegantly on page 49 and is one of Evgeniya’s favourite dresses. A gorgeous Electric Blue colour with a beautifully crystallized tan bodice embellished in Crystal AB, Crystal, Cobalt Shimmer and Pearls. Skirt layers trimmed with crinoline creates fantastic volume and movement. Finished perfectly with georgette floats floating from the centre back to embellished armbands completing the look.






A stunning White and Cappuccino Latin dress adorned with fringe captures fantastic movement and whip action, crystallized in Crystal and Crystal White Pearls. Finished with an embellished belt and armbands completing the look.




This beautiful Black shaded Smooth dress adorns our shading page. Designed for Evgeniya for the Smooth Championships at the Blackpool Dance Festival. Featuring black stretch net over tan lycra decorated with black bead droppers and embellished in Jet and Crystal AB.



Watch the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot HERE




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