chrisanne clover – a dance sport dream come true

Author Jodie Rayward

30 Mar 2017

Like a famous dance floor duo, when two of dance fashion’s most dynamic brands come together, the result can only be spectacular. Chrisanne and Crystal Clover have done just that, merging heritage with innovation to transform the dancesport industry. The newly formed global Chrisanne Clover brings together extensive knowledge and decades of passion for dance, offering the widest range of the most luxurious fabrics, trimmings, and dancewear in the industry.


Before the merger, Chrisanne and Swarovski had enjoyed a 25-year partnership. It was a relationship founded on a joint vision of creating mesmerizing stage impact through premium craftsmanship. Fascinating sparkle came courtesy of precision-cut crystals, and unique performance and presence came via bespoke design using lavishly handcrafted fabrics. Ignoring the whims of fashion, celebrities and professionals alike have always valued a custom Swarovski-crystallized Chrisanne couture.

Among the standout pieces of the last decade, each one inspired by a Swarovski innovation, is 2007’s dramatic “Because I Can” gown. The idea behind this dress is that it should represent Chrisanne’s haute couture service—they can literally create any outfit a dancer desires. A total of six different fabrics in ebony shades were used to make up its femme fatale allure: Lycra, stretch net, stretch satin, satin chiffon, georgette, and tulle. Exquisite baroque detailing in more than 70,000 crystals in ten shimmering colors embellished the bodice and accessories.



The ‘Hot Pink Punk’ dress of 2008 demonstrated Chrisanne’s edgier style. Made with ruffles of bright fuchsia, it was blitzed with around 50,000 crystals in 22 eye-catching colors. Meanwhile, 2009 showcased a return to the seductive glamour of Old Hollywood. The Art Deco design motifs typical of this period were created using over 50,000 crystals, with fringing and marabou feathers covering nude crepe, chiffon and satin cut on the bias. A futuristic vision of dancesport was presented in 2010, with a brilliant white gown that premiered the new generation Xilion Rose Enhanced crystal.




In 2011, Chrisanne’s 25th anniversary was celebrated with the breathtaking Blackpool ballroom dress. Designed to make a big statement on the dance floor, it featured over 100 meters of scintillating scarlet fabric and around 55,000 crystals. The Garden of Eden provided the inspiration for 2012’s Blackpool ball gown: romantic shades of pink were combined with Swarovski’s new Blushing Rose Peach and Luminous Green crystals sewn into organic forms to create a piece of unmatched grace and fluid movement.



A very contemporary femininity was the drive behind 2013’s striking white dress emblazoned with glistening golden starbursts and accessorized with crystallized gold-plated cuffs. Crystal Rose Gold was the new Swarovski hue featured that year. Dense shades of electric blue and black gave 2015’s dress its desired mystery: crystallized vines snaked up the body to create a figure-hugging illusion, while a pleated tulle cape held with heavily bejeweled shoulder pads brought drama.



It’s a heritage to be proud of—one that can truly claim to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Now, with the addition of Crystal Clover’s expertise in luxury fabrics and accessories, the new Chrisanne Clover brand, in a continuing partnership with Swarovski, has a dazzling future. Chrisanne Clover is now the one-stop-shop for every dancer, dressmaker, costume designer, and all-round creative dream-maker right across the world.














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