chrisanne clover and swarovski a dazzling history in couture

Author Victoria McGregor

24 Mar 2020


Chrisanne Clover and Swarovski® have enjoyed a 25-year partnership. A relationship founded on a joint vision of creating mesmerising, stage impact couture.

 ‘Crystals create little burst of light, like a hundred camera flashes. The way they refract the light means our dancers can be seen across the entire floor – and, of course, clever use of stones enhances and sculpt a body, accentuating the line’ Kushy Juttla, Couture Designer.

 Throughout the years the two brands have gone from strength to strength and the exclusive use of Crystals from Swarovski®, has given Chrisanne Clover a clear standing as the designer of choice for dancers.

 With our sparkling partnership Chrisanne Clover and Swarovski® have collaborated on many outstanding couture over the years. Here we take a look back on some of the masterpieces this unique relationship has created in stunning visionary couture pieces …


2007 Because I Can


This creation was designed around the representation of Chrisanne’s haute couture service promoting how we can create any outfit a dancer desires. A total of six different fabrics were used to make up it femme fatale inspired piece including lycra, stretch net, stretch satin, satin chiffon, georgette and tulle. More than 70,000 crystals in 10 shimmering colours embellished the bodice and accessories in exquisite baroque detailing.


2008 Hot Pink Punk


This couture demonstrated Chrisanne’s edgier style and was made with layered of ruffles in bright fuchsia , blitzed with around 50,000 crystals in 22 eye catching colours.


2009 Seductive Old Holllywood Glamour


Inspired by stage and screen of charming elegance this couture, the Art Deco design motifs typical of this period were created using over 50,000 crystals, with fringing and marabou feathers covering nude crepe, chiffon and satin cut on the bias.


2010 A Futuristic Vision


This futuristic vision of dancesport was inspired by Lady Gaga and premiered the new generation Xilion Rose Enhanced crystal.


2011 Chrisanne 25th Anniversay


Chrisanne’s 25th anniversary was celebrated at the Blackpool Dance Festival with this breath taking couture. Designed to make a big statement on the dance floor, it featured over 100 meters of scarlet fabric embellished with over 55,00 crystals.


2012 Garden of Eden


The Garden of Eden provided the inspiration for 2012’s Blackpool couture. Romantic shades of pink were combined with Swarovski’s new arrival colours Rose Peach and Luminous Green crystals that beautifully adorns the bodice in an elegant floral design.


2013 Contemporary Femininity

 A very contemporary femininity was the drive behind 2013’s striking white dress featuring Crystal Rose Gold that was the new hue for Swarovski that year.

2015  Dark Desire


Dense shades of electric blue and black gave 2015’s dress its desired mystery. Crystallized vines snaked up the body to create a figure-hugging illusion, while a pleated tulle cape held with heavily bejewelled shoulder pads brought drama.


2017 Noveau Spirit


This beauty was a stunning collaboration with Swarovski® promoting the new Crystal Shimmer that was displayed at the Blackpool Dance Festival. Inspired by Art Nouveau the dress essence was to capture the Nouveau spirit of shimmering light and the refracted colours through that light, which Swarovski® perfectly captures with the shimmer crystals. Smooth velvet, satin, georgette and shimmery organza combined with Crystal Shimmer and Silk Shimmer makes a striking couture.


2018 Electric Fairytale


This couture was designed around the exciting NEW collection of ElectricPRO Effect crystals that was showcased at the GOC Swarovski® stand. Combining neon with pastels created this fairytale couture that shows a strong contrast between the Electric Blue and Electric Green crystals, against the softer shades of pinks and purples giving a striking fashion edge and fresh look.


2018 Scarlet Beauty


Alongside the Electric crystals came the beautiful new colour Scarlet that was the inspiration of this couture. Combined with Light Siam Shimmer, Light Siam and Jet, feathers adorn the bodice with layers of skirts in stretch net each one with a beautiful scalloped edge.


2019 Ice Queen DeLite


With the launch of Swarovski’s Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects this couture was a vision of beauty inspired by Ice Queen with shimmery grey stones. Silver and Hematite perfectly enhanced the DeLite crystals in colours Army Green, Ochre, Light Grey, Cappuccino and Burgundy


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