chrisanne clover at the blackpool dance festival 2017

Author Victoria McGregor

09 Jun 2017

This May was an extremely exciting month with us exhibiting an amazing collection of the best of Chrisanne Clover. Featured at the Imperial Hotel at this years Blackpool Dance Festival 2017 it was an amazing time for all of our team that had the pleasure of working at the exhibit.


Months of planning and preparation takes place for this event to bring our brand to life at the home of our dance world and it was truly magical. Each department at Chrisanne Clover work so so hard to make this event extra special and show stopping. From organizing the graphics, shelving space and interior displaying, to organizing collections from Couture, to dancewear, to fabrics ready to showcase for the event, and probably the biggest job of all – arranging the stock to get down to Blackpool. I think we can all agree that a lot of blood sweat and tears goes into making this event really quite extraordinary and not just with us at Chrisanne Clover, but to all the dancers themselves who make this event as magical as it is. It is the UK dancing event of the year and a time of year we all look forward to.


This year we combined the space of the room with Espen Salburg and by doing so made the room come to life and made it truly special for our customers. “WOW’ was the immediate response to our customers entering the room; a fantasy come to life for all dancers and dress makers where we really did cater for every possible need.


With prosecco forever on tap and plenty of space to have a glass, a selfie, a relax and shop, we offered our customers the most grand and prestigious shopping experience within our dancing world.


 I asked a few members of our Blackpool team what they thought of this years event:


How did you find the Blackpool experience this year compared to last year? 

RONNIE: We certainly saw more people in Blackpool, especially ProAm dancers and spectators. Also we saw more senior dancers from all over the world. 

GILES: All in all at the Imperial it felt and was better than last, having Espen with us was a very positive move. With the addition of the pro-am days it did feel busier in general and the Ballroom reflected this as there was more of an audience than last year. 

BECKY: Last year it was the first time exhibiting as Chrisanne Clover after the merge and it was always going to be an exciting time showing ourselves as the new brand, with many customers visiting just to see the new company. However, this year surpassed that with lots of customers returning to find more of what they liked the year before, as well as all of our great long time customers and still more new people curious to see what we are about.
We seemed to move up yet another level and this showed clearly through the look of the stand, the product offer, the Chrisanne Clover customer service and atmosphere generated.

TIZIANA:  It was a great experience. Being a new member of the Chrisanne Clover team, Blackpool made sense for all the work I do in the office. It was so very nice meeting the customers in person and to meet our Sponsors. The team we had were lovely and we helped and supported one another all the time. It was my first Blackpool so a little bit nervous but my colleagues were so helpful.

JAMIE: I did not work at the exhibit last year, but for me it was very busy in the whole stand whether that was with the Couture, dancewear, fabrics and over at Espen. Working at the Imperial Hotel for so many years at Crystal Clover this was the busiest I have ever seen the stand. The atmosphere was electric and it was really quite exciting to be a part of the experience as Chrisanne Clover.


What were our customers reaction to our exhibit? 

RONNIE: “WoW” was what we heard when customers came into the Lancastrian Suite. Their whole shopping experience was very pleasant. Having Espen Salberg and his team with us just put that extra bit of spice to the fun!

GILES: The feedback was so very positive and “you have made it even better than last year”. Many customers commented on how much more open the room felt.

BECKY: Customers find our stand such a welcoming place and a great location for a really enjoyable shopping experience. Every corner of the room had treats to look at – from the luxury of Espen couture wear, to our outstanding Couture gowns, to the expanse of the colour range of all our fabrics and then into trend leading practice wear.
Customers didn’t just rush in and out, they took their time, enjoyed being there and made the most of it. 
The room looked so impressive and many customers commented on how great it looked and the atmosphere was always buzzing with chat and laughter.
The media videos were also a great attraction, people loved watching such beautiful stories about our products and haute couture service.

TIZIANA: Customer reactions in front of all those beautiful creations was: “WOW!!! Everything is really beautiful here!” They really enjoyed the atmosphere and our products. They were also so happy with the customer service provided. 

JAMIE: Wow this is so big so much space! It really is a prestigious exhibit and customers were amazed at the room and products on display when they walked in. Customers didn’t want to have quick browse they genuinely took their time and wanted to soak in the whole experience of what we had to offer. They were very impressed.

What was your favourite part of our exhibit space?

RONNIE: Of course the BAR! I think I was a very qualified bar tender! I had the pleasure to serve the customers and friends from all over the world!

GILES: All the area around the till, this is where it was bustling and meeting our customers was great. I did not obviously get into the changing room area but this when busy sounded like a place of great fun.

BECKY: Our couture dress displays were my favourite, we changed them daily to be able to showcase all our dresses on mannequins and they just looked so striking in their groups as you walked into the room.

TIZIANA: The mannequins with the most beautiful couture dresses at the entrance were showstopping and so eyecatching. The lights really hit the crystals on the dresses creating so much shine and sparkle.

JAMIE: My favourite area was where our wide range of fabric collections were showcased and the Swarovski crystal displays.  Fabrics and Crystals are my area of expertise and knowledge  so I felt I could really help and advise on my customers needs. It was great to see the Chrisanne Clover Boutique come to life on a bigger scale in Blackpool. Of course the coffee and prosecco bar was also a firm favourite area of mine ;)


What were customers most interested in? What did you feel you sold most of?

RONNIE: Our Couture dresses, our unique dance wear, and the best of the best was Espen’s exquisite collection of evening dresses! Once the ladies put them on, they didn’t want to take them off!

GILES: Interest came mainly towards the Couture dresses and then of course the Espen Salburg area. We sold dresses, dancewear and menswear well – finished products were definitely the main attraction.

BECKY: There was a great mix of interest across all products, the changing rooms were constantly full with customers trying on Couture, Espen, Dancewear and the New Menswear range. Towards the end of the week boards of fabrics were out everywhere with customer’s selecting fabrics for their dressmakers back home.

TIZIANA: Some customers were interested in Couture dresses, other customers were interested in finding the right fabric to create Couture dresses for their own customers. I sold mostly practice dresses, especially from our new Espen Salburg for Chrisanne Clover range.

JAMIE: We sold a lot of dancewear and menswear. The Espen Salburg for Chrisanne Clover was really very popular, as were the Chrisanne Clover dancewear range. The new mens Latin Shirt collections were a huge hit as was our new Raglan Practice Shirts. Our Couture dresses sold really well with a lot of design talks with our designers with customers wanting lots of new dress creations.

What were your highlights? Most memorable moment?

RONNIE: Most memorable moment for me was seeing our amazing team of staff working together as a family. Taking care of every customer was the top priority for the whole team!

GILES: No doubt about it for me it was the CC team and also the Espen team, the whole event was enhanced by the way everyone worked together – it was so much FUN!!!!

BECKY: Highlights as always are meeting the customers who we normally only speak with remotely by email or telephone, and seeing how our beautiful Couture dresses look on such a variety of people from all different countries.
From the dance floor of course proudly watching all our sponsored couples representing us out there, especially Champions in the Amateur Ballroom Charles and Sara, and 4th place Izabela and Kyle, and in the Professional Ballroom 3rd to Domen and Natascha and 4th to Valerio and Monica. Well done to all of our sponsors and customers for dancing so beautifully. We were very proud.

TIZIANA: The most memorable moments for me was meeting my customers and sponsors in person. I think that meeting them face to face -especially being the newest member of the team - helps to build a stronger and trusting relationship. It was also very nice to meet new people who could become new potential customers. I also enjoyed watching the dancing. It was very useful to see our Couture dresses in action and the wonderful effect of the crystals and fabric dancing under the lights.

JAMIE: My highlights were getting to meet my customers I talk to on the phone or via email. Being able to put faces to names and sometimes meeting the whole family was lovely. This event has definitely helped build more of relationship with my customers and I will look forward to meeting them in person again in future.



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