chrisanne clover at the goc 2016

Author Victoria McGregor

25 Aug 2016

This summer 2016 saw Chrisanne Clover exhibiting at the German Open Championships from the 9th-13th August. A lot of hard work and preparation goes into our exhibitions and this year was no exception. A large Chrisanne Clover team participated in the event and with a new range of dancewear, couture dresses and even a new juvenile dancewear range out especially in time for the GOC , we asked our GOC team how they found their experience:



What was the atmosphere like at the GOC?

The atmosphere at the stand was very positive, the stand looked great and we were so proud to be part of  Chrisanne Clover.   We had such a great range of different products to showcase and the layout was very warm and welcoming for customers to come into the stand and look at what we had. Each year we are different and new so the actual stand atmosphere looked fresh and welcoming. Many other stands looked the same as previous years which made our stand feel more inviting. The GOC  had a constant buzz which made  the stand ever cheerful and created a great team work effort.



What was the most popular product sold?

Our fabrics and dancewear sold very well with customers purchasing and showing alot of interest especially in our NEW Inspired by Tania Kehlet dancewear range (especially the Serafina top) and Espen for Chrisanne Clover. Fabrics were very popular especially our stretch laces and brightly coloured lycras. Velvet was probably the best selling fabric across all colours as it works well for children which is a large part of the GOC.



What was the customer response like to our NEW Inspired by Tania Kehlet dancewear range?

Everyone really liked the new Tania range – they thought that it was a very sophisticated look and loved the new styles. Customers who tried on the collection (across all ages and looks) looked really good in it! There was so much interest we got many trade orders straight away. The collection was keenly welcomed by customers of all ages many of which bought 2,3 or even 4 pieces. 



What was the customer response like to our new Juvenile range?

All the girls who tried on the collection fitted them really well and you could tell that the quality and make of the product was exceptional , especially when they were worn. It gave our stand an additional  bright and exciting collection that was beneficial in splitting up our black dancewear with the bright colours of our juvenile collection. We had lots of interest and comments from customers saying that our collection was better than others they had seen at the competition. 


What was your most memorable moment?

The most memorable moments  were when we sold our first juvenile piece and also when we  sold the couture latin dress that we really had taken as a display item.  The 2.5 hours of poster signing for Tania and Emanuel was amazing the queue was just never ending which made the stand so busy and exciting!  We had a great team and the set up and pack down went so smoothly. Also seeing Ronnie measuring clients, cutting fabrics and serving customers :)




How does the GOC differ to the UK competitions we showcase at?

There is a great buzz at the GOC due to the different amount of dance competitions that include children and alternative dance programmes. It feels less formal than some other comps we attend and in general the interaction with customers seems easier. Of course it helps us having such a great team that speak so many different languages!

GOC customers are different to those at the UK events as they are even more flamboyant and exuberant.  This federation has more of a sporting feel to it, with a lot of the dresses being very bright, colourful and unique to the dancer splashing out their personalities within their garments. The competitors are not afraid of having to conform to a particular look or trend. This made the dance floor very exciting to watch – full of feathers, crystals, sequins and unusual designs.

We see a lot more of the different age groups at this one, the juveniles right through to seniors and we have a lot more customers who are buying fabric to take to dress makers back at home to make juvenile and junior dresses.

 This time we concentrated on just fabrics, practice wear and crystals, where as normally couture dresses are our key element, but this made us very string in these areas, as we were one of the very few companies doing this.


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