Chrisanne Clover Dance With Fashion

Author Rajen Patel

11 Dec 2015




Chrisanne Clover has been at the forefront of fashion in the dancing world for over 25 years. Using exclusively sourced fabrics from around the world to design Ballroom and Latin masterpieces. Our Couture dresses can be seen shining under the spotlights of the dance floor in some of the greatest competitions the dancing world has to offer.

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It’s not just the dancing world where Chrisanne Clover has played a pivotal role; we have also been involved with big name brands to help evolve fashion through the years. Each project has been just as exciting as the next, allowing us as a company to push the boundaries.


Here at Chrisanne Clover we pride ourselves on being a home for all designers. We aim to cater to everyone’s needs from dancers, designers, artists and more. With over 45 colours in the Chrisanne Clover Colour range, all Fabrics have been dyed and colour matched across the entire range of our Essentials, Collections and Trimmings. Each fabric is quality tested, analysed and lab dipped to ensure the perfect Chrisanne Clover Colour match, enabling you to mix and match our entire range to create the perfect design, unique like no other.

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One special partnership we have in particular is with Swarovski. The relationship was founded on a joint vision for achieving the finest quality through craftsmanship. The end goal for us at Chrisanne Clover was to produce high end products that create a statement.

Throughout the years the partnership between the brands has gone from strength to strength and has given Chrisanne Clover a clear standing as the supplier of choice for designers in the dance, fashion, stage and entertainment industry.

Today Chrisanne Clover is the leading brand in fashion sourcing and supplying fabrics. We are proud to say a Recommended Authorized Wholesaler for Crystals from Swarovski. We offer a wide product range in many different sizes, colours and effects that will illuminate your designs in a luxurious manner.


Take a minute to explore what Chrisanne Clover has to offer as we welcome you to the beautiful world of design! #DanceWithFashion


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