chrisanne clover featured in the daily telegraph

Author Victoria McGregor

16 Sep 2020

At Chrisanne Clover we are doing absolutely everything we can to bring attention the severity it is having to our world of dance and livelihoods. Director Giles Hatch has expressed his concerns to many radio stations and journalists including LBC, BBC Radio London and The Telegraph, in order to be heard and get more government awareness and support...


The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 15th September 2020 

… The furlough scheme is set to end on Oct 31st, while the ban on commercial evictions is due to end on Oct 1. 

“Furlough is meaningless on its own,” Marks says (Peter Marks, chief executive of The Deltic Group) "We need money to be able to cover our fixed costs as well as skeleton staff, and we need a solution to help our landlords. 

    “We believe we should come back, but if we can’t, don’t make us die for it.” 

    His concerns are echoed in London by Giles Hatch, a director of Ballroom dance couture and fabric supplier Chrisanne Clover. 

    He and his staff have endured a miserable six months as the shutdown of the Ballroom dance industry killed demand for his dresses, Swarovski crystals and stretch satin. 

    Hatch says the business has already made the “diligent and prudent decision to reduce our team by over 30 poisitions” and fears the “cliff edge” of October, when furlough schemes end. 

    The unemployment rate is predicted to jump as high as 7.5pc by the end of the year after furlough ends. 

    “The situation we face in our market is almost the same as it was on March 24”, he says. “there are no competitions around the world or in the UK so our market is shut. 

    “It’s hard hearing messages urging people back to work.  I’d love to get everyone back into work, but with our market closed, it’s a difficult position to be in. We are surviving on fumes. The ideal would be an extension of furlough and more grant support.” 

  Last week, MPs on the Treasury select committee provided some hope, calling for an extension of furlough support for businessses that will be viable in the post-Covid economy. “The key will be assisting those businesses who, with additional support, can come through the crisis as sustainable enterprises”, said Mel Stride, committee chairman.  



We truly need everyone to bring to attention the devastating effect this pandemic is having on us all, in order for us to continue to be part of this wonderful world we have created.  






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