chrisanne clover in blackpool china 2016

Author Victoria McGregor

07 Sep 2016


This summer saw the first ever Blackpool China competition take place running from the 19th-23rdAugust. I was intrigued to find out how the event went and what made Blackpool China different to Blackpool UK. With Chrisanne Clover managing director Ronnie Li being ever present at the event I asked him what his thoughts were on the event …


How was the first ever event of Blackpool China 2016?

We were so very excited as soon as we walked into the venue!  The whole set up is very much a replication of Blackpool in the UK.  We saw all the adjudicators as if they were in Blackpool UK :-)



How does the Blackpool China event differ from Blackpool UK?

It felt like a mix of Junior Blackpool and May Blackpool.  The entry numbers were much bigger than Blackpool UK.  The dance floor even had to split into 2 sections to accommodate the amount of entries. 


What was the atmosphere like?

The first 2-3 days were filled with youngsters and the remaining days were busy with adults ( professionals, amateurs, seniors and pro-am ).  Each day had a different sense of excitement!



What was the customer response like to our stand?

We felt so welcome during the whole event.  For customers who have known us, they were so happy to see us being in this Chinese venue.  For new customers, they were saying to us “ finally we can now meet Chrisanne Clover in reality! “.   What a flattering scene that our brand is so well known and high regarded. We haven’t had the opportunity to be present to the Chinese market until now and that's fantastic! 



There was a shuttle bus running from the competition to the Chrisanne Clover Shanghai store how did this go? Did many customers check out our new store?

We offered free transport from the venue to our Shanghai store.   Many dress makers and trade clients took advantage of the service.  They were amazed as soon as they stepped into our shop because not only can they see and feel the products and colours in real life, but also they can buy from the stock if it is available on site. 



Were there many other companies exhibiting?

There were not many overseas companies exhibiting but quite a few local reputable companies. 



What was the most popular product sold?

Our gorgeous ballroom dresses were so eye catching and well complimented by the dancers that we had to sell the dresses on exhibition because the customers were so in love with them!

Our dancewear range was also very popular.  As we had limited amount of items for sale due to space available, some customers were even fighting over some pieces!



What was your most memorable moment?

The most memorable moment was when we were breaking down stand!   While we were dismantling the stand, we had customers coming in by the crowd and trying to do their last minute shopping!  We are not complaining at all but it was like doing 10 things all at the same time :)


How does the dance fashion in China differ from other events around the world? (ie colours/prints etc)

As you can imagine, the population of dancers is huge in China and what they wear at the competition is so diverse in terms of colours and styles.



Anything else you would like to add about the event?

We will surely be there next year! Hope to see you all again!


To find out more about our Shanghai Store read here ...

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