cmc centro moda canossa

Author Victoria McGregor

01 Jun 2017


Early this Summer Chrisanne Clover were invited to attend a fashion show in Italy at the CMC Centro Moda Canossa Design College. A prestigious event full of young designers creating amazing works of art. Inspirational and exciting for Chrisanne Clover to be part of these young designers future.


Students from the design college interned with Chrisanne Clover for 2 months in February where they learned how to make our high standard Couture dresses with decoration and embellishment. They were also trained on understanding the business with regards to what we are, why we do what we do and the world of dance and our high customer service.


Chrisanne Clover dresses designed and made by interns


Our Head of Couture Asim nurtures the young designers and sets the interns projects where they design, make and decorate couture dresses from the offset giving them a greater understanding on how the dresses are put together with the fabrics we use.


Asim and Lesley with the Interns that worked at Chrisanne Clover - Gloriana, Emily and Noemi


When I asked Asim why he likes working with interns?

‘ I love having a blank slate and building someone from scratch. Teaching all about us (Chrisanne Clover) and why we do what we do. I feel it helps them better understand the world we live in and better prepare them for actual work when they are ready.’


The fashion show at the design college consisted of pieces made by the students and the schools partners, local dressmakers and other international schools. Collections consisted of Evening Wear, Casual, Beachwear and Avant Garde. We took and displayed 3 dresses that the young interns had designed and made (pictured above).


VM: Were the teachers impressed with what the design interns achieved at Chrisanne Clover?

ASIM: The teachers were very impressed and said we provide the best internships and couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved. We are in talks to collaborate with the college and have around 8 of our couture pieces at next years show. Made and designed by the 2018 interns with the theme the school decides to use.


VM: What was your favourite collection from the fashion show?

ASIM: The appleskin collection was interesting. They had these appleskin bags that transformed into jackets.

VM: What did you enjoy most about the trip?

ASIM: It was great to go and see everything they did. It helped me better understand their needs and how best to create new opportunities for both parties. The new possibilities were very exciting. Building new relationships, nuture them and in time, exciting and passionate projects can be realised.

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