cmc centro moda canossa design college

Author Victoria McGregor

07 Dec 2018

Chrisanne Clover believes in nurturing young talent and helping designers along the way to their future career paths. We take pride in our close relationship with the CMC Centro Moda Canossa Design College in Italy, where students at the college intern at Chrisanne Clover each year for 2 months. The students are set projects by Asim, our Head of Couture, helping to develop their skills and knowledge of dance fashion. The students work intensely helping our studio with dress construction and finishing touches to our exquisite collection of couture. 



This year, Centro Moda Canossa have started a new and exciting module to their classes where they have introduced our Chrisanne Clover fabrics to the course.



'After 2 years of working with the college on how to introduce our fabrics into their classes... It has finally begun!  All of their students will now be well versed in using our stretch fabrics by the time they graduate!

I really believe that it is very important to nurture young designers. These students are the future - not just for Chrisanne Clover, but for the fashion and textile industry. By giving them this knowledge and experience to work with our stretch fabrics allows for fantastic possibilities!'




‘I love working with students and having a blank slate - being able to build someone up from scratch. Teaching them all about Chrisanne Clover, our industry and why we do what we do helps them better understand the world we live in, and better prepare them for actual work when they are ready.’

Asim Zorba, Head of Couture


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