cmc centro moda canossa internship

Author Victoria McGregor

24 Apr 2018

Early this year from the 2ndFebruary until the 30thMarch we had the pleasure of having 4 bright young interns join us in the Couture department from CMC Centro Moda Conossa Design College, in Italy.

Our young interns learned all about the construction of our Couture and the team effort it takes to make such high end bespoke and individual garments, that CHRSIANNE CLOVER are renowned for making.


Assisting in the art of designing, sewing and dress making, it was a fantastic experience for the interns and a great insight into the world of dancesport couture, a brilliant way of understanding the work place here at CHRISANNE CLOVER.


The talented interns spent their time designing dresses and experimenting with draping fabric on mannequins, understanding more about how our fabrics work together with our vast range of colour matching fabrics. These collections were used to inspire our customers with our Luxury Fancy Fabric that is currently on offer, with promotions in our marketing department.


Maybe you have come across some of these looks on our Instagram and Facebook pages …



Antoine Embroidered Net layered over Luxury Crepe in Black Ariane Embroidered Sequin Net layered over Lustre Lycra and gathered at the front with Swarovski Teardrops Daniella Embroidered Tulle layered with Luxury Crepe in Midnight Sky and adorned with Madonna Motifs in Midnight Sky Red Scalloped all over Fringe layered over Red Lustre Lycra and adorned with Swarovski Crystals Purple Helena Embroidere Net layered over Purple Rain Lustre Lycra and adorned with Madonna Lace Motifs 



‘It was so much fun being able to experiment and play around with fabric, especially high end fabric that is so different from anything we have worked with before. Seeing our experimentations being used for marketing the fabric was so amazing to see, it really made us feel part of the team at CHRISANNE CLOVER and that the work and time spent was valuable not just to us, but also helped contribute to the company and their customers.’

Martina Carta


With a better understanding of our fabrics, laces and crystals this led to the budding designers gaining the inspiration needed to design their own unique couture gowns, with the guidance of the CHRISANNE CLOVER design team.


Creating and experimenting with a collection of designs in a variety of styles and colours, the designs were finalised by Asim, our Head of Couture, to take these designs forward into production.


Martina Carta


Martina designed a dazzling Turquoise Ballroom dress featuring metallic dot lycra, with nude stretch net sleeves and side panels. Adorned with a black Victoria lace ribbon belt effect feature and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Jet, Blue Zircon and Blue Zircon Shimmer. Godets layered with pleated georgette over satin chiffon with organza underskirts. Finished perfectly with spiral frill wrist floats in satin chiffon completing the look.


‘I wanted to design a Ballroom dress that was in keeping with current dance fashion trends. With shimmer and shine being the forefront of dance fashion at the moment, the metallic lycra was the perfect option. The pleated matt georgette godets adds fabulous texture to the metallic shine. It was so amazing to see something I had designed get made and being able to see it grow into a gown before my eyes. I felt so proud :)


Anna Gramola



Anna designed a stunning Blue Zircon and Cherry Red Ballroom dress embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Ruby, Blue Zircon and Crystal. Godets layered in satin chiffon, over Cherry Red organza underskirts. Finished perfectly with embellished armbands, wristbands and choker, with floats floating from centre back to wrist, completing the look. 

‘I wanted to focus on experimenting with colour blocking, and with the Cherry Red being so popular with the CHRISANNE CLOVER Limited Dancewear collection, this felt like the best colour to design with. I love the fact that with this dress a customer may not think about putting these two colours together and I am so amazed at how it has turned out. I love it :)'


Martina Miranda


Martina designed this striking Electric Blue Ballroom dress featuring ruched stretch net over lycra, embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal, Aqua, Sapphire AB and Capri Blue. Godets layered in georgette over satin chiffon with organza underskirts trimmed in crinoline, creating magnificent volume and bounce. Finished perfectly with spiral frill floats attached to embellished wrist bands and a crystalized necklace completing the look.’

 ‘Electric blue is such a beautiful blue and with it looking magnificent on the dancefloor under spotlight, I wanted to create a couture that will suit the dedicated dancer with a love for blue. Seeing this come to life as a garment was amazing and was so fantastic to see it walk down the catwalk.’


Martha Garilli


 Martha designed this striking Pink Tropicana and Hematite Ballroom dress featuring Galactic stretch lace top and sleeve. Godets layered with pleated georgette over satin chiffon, with organza underskirts. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Jet, Rose and Light Colorado Topaz.

 ‘I wanted to design a couture that featured lots of amazing design elements mixing lace with frills, the matt of lycra with the beauty of textured pleated georgette and bringing it all together with a clash of colour with the fluorescent Pink Tropicana, against the dark Hematite and Black lace. Learning to work with stretch fabrics against non stretch was a real eye opener and great to learn. Learning to dress make was the best thing I took from my work experience at CHRISANNE CLOVER, I loved the experience so much!’


The fashion show took place on the 8thApril at the CMC Centro Moda Canossa Design College in Italy.

Our Italian sales executive Luca Sacelini was invited to attend stating…

  ‘It was a fantastic show and great to see so many young and talented individuals with the amazing design collections they created.’


 Talking with Asim and why he likes working with interns, Asim had this to say…

 ‘I love having a blank slate and building someone from scratch, teaching them all about our business and why we do what we do. I feel it helps them better understand the world we live in and better prepare them for actual work when they are ready. Building new relationships, nurture them and in time, exciting and passionate projects can be realised.’


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