couture trend predictions for 2018

Author Victoria McGregor

22 Feb 2018

With our first major competition the UK Open 2018 wrapped up, it has set a precedence for what we can expect to see on the dancefloor for 2018 with trends, styles and colours that have got all our creative juices flowing within each design department at Chrisanne Clover.

Talking to our couture designer Natalie about what we can expect to see for the rest of year was an insightful vision and one I look forward to seeing on the dancefloor for the year to come…


In Bournemouth what colours and styles would you say were most prominent on the

dancefloor ...

 Colours trending included bright neon’s, particularly greens and yellows, and then lighter pastels like pale purples/pinks, aqua and spearmints. Still very big were different shades of purple. Styles trending were more streamlined lighter skirts and fabrics, particularly shading and velvet.


How about the dress styles in Latin...

Shimmer continues to be prominent in Latin along with a strong metallic trend.  3D elements – especially feathers added extra shape to dresses for a bolder stronger look also.


 Were you inspired by the couture on the dancefloor?

 Yes, the shading and shimmer really got me inspired and I am now looking towards more pastel shaded metallics and shimmer shades within my designs.



What couture trends can you predict for 2018 that we will see on the dancefloor this year?

 The Shimmer effect will be very big this year, it is gathering speed as in all forms from stones to fabrics to placement, through pastels to darks and metallic still. Shading and Print will also be very dominant in styles.


What colours stood out the best in the lighting on the dancefloor at Bournemouth?

 With the lighting and dance floor stronger Neons look fantastic at Bournemouth. Sara looked stunning in her Tropic Lime and Fluo Green Ballroom Dresses standing out beautifully on the dancefloor. Purples and Lilac colours also look wonderful, Monica looked divine in her Purple Rain Couture on the floor.  


Were there any particular stone colours that stood out most?

 The Shimmer Crystals are really big and dazzle so brilliantly on the dancefloor. Dresses adorned with  crystals that colour match rather than contrast made for beautiful shading and enhancement. Strong and bold shapes using the Shimmer Crystals are a big trend that we will see more of this year.



How did you feel our sponsors looked in their couture on the dancefloor?

 We are always proud of our sponsored dancers and it is always a great feeling to see the dresses in action on the floor. Monica leading the fashion for slim line, Sara leading the fashion for neon, Olga embracing shimmer base, Natascha, Nataliya and Anna Sazhina for shading. All of our sponsors looked a vision on the dancefloor.



With lots of exciting trends and styles setting the year to come expect to see lots of shimmer effects, shading, pastels and neons on the dancefloor for this year 2018!


To find out more about what our Sponsors wore at the UK Open 2018 read HERE

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