crystal lacquer pro effects from swarovski

Author Victoria McGregor

11 Dec 2018


We are delighted to introduce a new collection of Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects from Swarovski® available in 5 beautiful shades in sizes ss16 and ss20.


Opaque finishes continue to be trend leaders, which makes Swarovski’s new Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects an exciting addition to the LacquerPRO family.

 In recognition of the increasing need to live sustainably and the consequent desire for more natural looks, the five effects that have been added to the palette for Fall/Winter 2019/20 are inspired by the richness and beauty of the landscape. To look at Crystal Ochre DeLite, Crystal Cappuccino DeLite, Crystal Army Green DeLite, Crystal Light Grey DeLite, and Crystal Burgundy DeLite is to be transported to the world’s beauty spots. Think the intense ochre of Africa’s savannahs, and the deep green of Northern Europe’s boreal forests; or the glittering snows of the High Arctic, and the soft heathers of the Scottish Highlands.


Crystal Shimmer


One particularly noteworthy feature of the DeLite family is that its facets are highlighted to enhance the exceptional depth and clarity of the crystal. The DeLite collection harmonizes brilliantly with colour-matched Shimmer effects.





This dazzling Hematite and Silver Ballroom dress is embellished beautifully using the NEW Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects in the family of colours Army Green DeLite, Light Grey DeLite, Cappucciano DeLite, Burgundy DeLite and Ochre DeLite. This striking collection brings to life the hematite and silver fabrics, featuring a silver lycra bodice with hematite side panels. Skirts are layered beautifully in shaded hematite to silver satin chiffon, layered over silver satin chiffon with silver organza underskirts. A striking combination of colours, texture and shine enhanced perfectly with the Crystal DeLite Family.



‘The inspiration for this couture was the beauty of the DeLite Crystals collection. I looked at the crystals and laid them against different fabrics and tried to imagine what creative direction I was going to go. In the end with the look of the crystals looking so beautiful against the silver and hematite colours I chose to go with an ice queen look. The cool colours of the crystals reflected perfectly against these fabrics. The shading in the crystals I replicated the look and style with the use of the shaded fabrics.




I absolutely love these crystals and have already designed 3 dresses with them 😊

They work really well with cooler and pastel tones such as colours silver, aqua, black and sugar pink. I have also experimented with the crystals on hot red, and mixing them against blue fabrics which works so brilliantly! It really is a case of playing around with them and trying out different looks and colours and seeing what works best for you. Personally, I also think the DeLite crystals would look amazing on our metallic shine colours too!’

 Kushy Juttla, Couture Designer


This stunning Cappuccino and Bluebell Ballroom dress is adorned in Cappuccino DeLite Crystals teamed with Aqua.

This striking Hot Red Ballroom dress is embellished with Light Grey DeLite, Army Green DeLite, Cappuccino DeLite

mixed with colours Fuschisa Shimmer, Light Siam Shimmer, Light Siam, Scarlet and Ruby. 

This magnificent Wine Ballroom dress is embellished using Cappuccino DeLite and Burgundy DeLite


This beautiful 2 tone Ballroom dress is embellished using Burgundy DeLite teamed with colours Fuchsia and Fuchsia Shimmer 


This dazzling Purple Rain Latin dress is embellished in Burgundy DeLite, teamed with Heliotrope and Amethyst Shimmer.   


How will you use the DeLite crystals? Tag us in on our instagram page with a hashtag #chrisannecloverdelite for us to see your design ideas come life!


Watch our close up video clip of this stunning couture HERE



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