crystal pixie nail art from swarovski

Author Victoria McGregor

21 Mar 2017


Be all that sparkles with the stunning CRYSTALPIXIE for nails! In stock by popular demand this spectacular collection of fine cut crystals are absolutely perfect for finishing off your glamorous competition look with Swarovski encrusted CRYSTALPIXIE nails to dazzle with your Swarovski encrusted attire!



Available in 4 colours:

 Cute Mood

Gorgeous tiny crystal pixie dust with flat back crystals in rose and light rose tones

Classy Sassy

Beautiful midnight sky effect with jet pixie dust with flat back crystals in hematite and crystal shades

Candy Land

Adorable dusky pink pixie dust with flat back crystals in rose, white opal and hematite tones

Starry Night

Stunning silver shade pixie dust with flat back crystals in light sapphire, jet and fuchsia shades

The hundreds of tiny crystals in each five-gram shot of CRYSTALPIXIE create a mesmerizing 3-D effect that has the illusion of fingers dipped in stardust!

The design possibilities with CRYSTALPIXIE are endless! From embellishing 1 nail, to every single nail in a different design for each finger!

How will you design yours?!

Suitable for application on nail polish, gel and acrylic nails.

Inside each nail box you will find:

A sparkling shot of CRYSTALPIXIE in a beautiful glass jar

30 Swarovski crystal flatbacks in 3 complimentary colours

A design sheet illustrating a range of style examples to aid inspiration

An instruction and application leaflet

Funnel to replace CRYSTALPIXIE back in its glass bottle effortlessly


Apply 2 coats of nail polish


Pour Swarovski CRYSTALPIXIE onto the wet nail polish


Gently press the CRYSTALPIXIE onto the nail

Dust off any exceeding CRYSTALPIXIE from the nail rim with a finger to obtain clean edges

Let polish dry – CRYSTALPIXIE will stick onto the nail polish

Apply top coat to the edges of the CRYSTALPIXIE decoration

Tips & Tricks

Make sure you hold the embellished finger over a tray in order to catch the exceeding CRYSTALPIXIE

Use the funnel provided in the package to pour the exceeding CRYSTALPIXIE back into the bottle.

In order to secure maximum brilliance of CRYSTALPIXIE we recommend not to apply a top coat to the entire nail – apply top coat only to seal the edges and prevent erosion.

For creating patterns use adhesive tape as a stencil – paint inside the stencil with the coloured or transparent nail polish and apply CRYSTALPIXIE.

If your CRYSTALPIXIE decoration gets damaged you can try to correct by applying polish and CRYSTALPIXIE only on the affected spot – rather than removing the entre design.

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