dazzle in brilliance with bead droppers

Author Victoria McGregor

06 Nov 2020


Create the ultimate shine with our beautiful collection of bead droppers in an array of colours.

But don’t stick to one colour, why not create your own rainbow of shimmering brilliance for a luxurious finish...



‘Bead droppers are the perfect way to add movement and sparkle without detracting from the elegance of the dance.

They are one of my favourite features on a dance dress and has been a growing trend for using these elements more and more in Ballroom couture and I couldn’t be happier!’ 

Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer 



We are thrilled to introduce a new colour to our bead dropper collection in the ever popular Forest Green, a beautiful deep rich green launched earlier this year.




with bead droppers in couture and how many bunches have been used ...

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