dress design inspirations with emi toyama and kushy jutlla

Author Victoria McGregor

04 Jun 2019

Emi Toyama is our NEW Sponsored Gold dancer. Dancing with husband and dance partner Shintaro Asamura they dance Professional Ballroom for Japan and are currently ranked number 2 in Japan, and 35 in the world. Emi has a classic taste in dress design of smooth, luxurious elegance and looked beautiful in her first Gold Sponsored dress at the Blackpool Dance Festival in the colour Buttercream. Kushy Jutlla, one of our talented couture designers is the selected designer that creates Emi’s unique style…



What were the inspirations behind Emi's Buttercream Blackpool Dress?

We  were inspired by some gorgeous fashion pictures collated by Emi and myself, and we really wanted to use the New colour Buttercream to showcase at the championships. Emi loves an elegant, clean style which we made by keeping the bodice simple with  luxurious embellishment along the neckline and snaking round the hips. The feedback we have had from Emi's Blackpool dress was that it was a lovely light look that truly complimented her style. The pleated skirt added to the deluxe finish.


Is there anything you have in your mind when creating the design for Emi’s dress?

Usually I go to Emi with some rough sketches I have done based on the latest trends and catwalk fashion, other times she has a specific idea in her head, maybe the colour or the style and we work from there!


Who normally decides on the colour?  

The colour choice is usually Emi’s, I will always let her know what our latest and newest colours are so she is up to date. That can sometimes alter the design slightly to fit with the colour that she wants.


Which colour do you think is best for the Blackpool Dance Festival competition floor in your opinion?

I personally love our bluebell colour! It is soft but still stands out beautifully! However red is always a great colour for Blackpool as well as white of course!


Does the fabric itself sometimes give you an inspiration?

Yes! If I see an unusual fabric I like I try to find the best way to work it into the design whilst keeping it a feature, making sure it doesn’t look too overpowering but still stands out.


Any printed fabric or design style you would like Emi to try for her dress?

I think pleated fabric looks great on Emi as she is so tall! It would be nice to try our new starlight fabric with Emi on her as her designs are so classic and elegant and this fabric will bring an extra dimension to her dresses!


Which colour do you think is a best match for Japanese dancers?

I think it really depends on the individual! People have very different tastes and this always has an impact on what looks good on a person. I think as long as the person wearing the colour is confident in wearing it and loves it then it can be anything! Some look amazing in strong colours like cobalt, wine, fluo red and saffron, but some look better in softer pastel shades like bluebell and sugar pink.


 Which fabric would you say is on trend at the moment?

We are seeing a big trend in sparkle fabric at the moment- our starlight fabric is what we have launched as our version of this trend! It shimmers and shines so beautifully and  can be used on the whole dress creating a striking sparkle enhanced by the crystals.

Feathers are also a big trend! Different types, not just boa and feather fringe 😊


Can you give us an insight to future dresses you are currently designing for Emi?

At the moment we are currently working on couture designs for Emi for the Internationals. I can't give too much away but we are looking at strong, bold colours in comparison to the pastel shade of Buttercream. Expect to see feathers, pleating and intricate crystallisation inspired by the phoenix.


Wow we can't wait to see how Emi's style will develop throughout the year! 



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