dusk till dawn collection

Author Victoria McGregor

10 Mar 2020


Inspired by the exciting launch of the NEW Electric DeLite LacquerPRO Effects Crystals from Swarovski® , this couture collection has a life of its own with their neon beauty that glows perfectly under blue lights. The Electric DeLite crystals captures an increased sparkle both highly colourful and playful thanks to the combination of the DeLite concept with the Electric colours. This collection encapsulates a neon design with a more intense and premium look, primed to steal the spotlight on the dance floor ... 



This collection was inspired by our bright and bold Electric LacquerPRO Effect Swarovski® crystals. We wanted to showcase and focus on these beautiful elements alongside the new Electric Delite collection in our designs, choosing dark and elegant background colours to create the highest impact. Neon lights, fluorescent fashions and radiant shine influenced our design process, using the strong contrast to emphasise the shapes of the body and silhouette of the dress for the perfect effect.

If you’re ready to shine on the dancefloor, this  collection was made for you.

Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer




 This dazzling black couture is heavily embellished with Electric Yellow, Electric Yellow DeLite >, Sunshine DeLite >, Electric White and Electric White DeLite > Swarovski® Crystals that creates a stunning gradient of colour. 




This Forest Green Ballroom dress is beautifully embellished in Electric Green, Electric Green DeLite >, Silky Sage DeLite >, Emerald >, Fern Green > and Erinite >




This striking midnight sky Ballroom dress is beautifully embellished with Electric Pink, Electric Pink DeLite >, Lotus DeLite > and Indian Pink >. Pink satin bias trims the skirt and float edge that ties in perfectly with the shaded embellishment. 




This Plum couture is embellished with Purple Velvet >, Heliotrope >, Burgundy DeLite >, Electric Blue DeLite and Electric Blue > that fades beautifully down the bodice. Skirts are layered with georgette over satin chiffon, with ice blue organza underskirts that teams perfectly with the blue crystallization. 



LDD082PP (sold)

This striking Wine fringed Latin dress captures the beauty of the NEW Swarovski Crystal Electric DeLites perfectly, with clever shading that shades in the rainbow of colours combining both the Electrics > and the Electric DeLites > in colours Electric Blue > , Electric Blue DeLite > Ocean DeLite > Electric Green DeLite > Electric Green > Electric Yellow > Electric Yellow DeLite > Electric Pink DeLite > Electric Orange > Electric Orange DeLite > and Fuchsia > . Enhanced perfectly with bead droppers for added movement and shine. 

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