electric dancewear collection

Author Victoria McGregor

09 Nov 2018


We are thrilled to be showcasing our CHRISANNE CLOVER dancewear crystallized with the new Crystal Electric* LacquerPRO Family AW 18/19 novelties by Swarovski®. These pieces will make you stand out on the dancefloor like no other!



Featuring a dazzling collection of Swarovski® crystals in colours

Electric Blue, Electric Green, Electric Pink, Electric Yellow and Electric Orange.


Each piece was designed by our couture designers Phoebe, Joseph and Kushy with their own unique style…


Imperial Ballroom Dress

Designed by Phoebe

‘I wanted the belt feature to be the main focus of this piece which really flatters the waistline. Strong lines of crystals along the neckline fading out towards the shoulders is perfectly mirrored with the sleeve cuffs creating strong lines. The piece has a tribal feel with a modern edge that oozes 80’s glam rock.’


Mens Scoop Neck Latin Top

Designed by Joseph

‘The electric family of crystals inspired me with the idea of city lights and illuminations with the main focus being our logo. The lines of crystallization along the cuffs and shoulders enhances the logo design perfectly.’


Flare Latin Dress

Designed by Kushy 

‘I wanted the back to be the complete focus on this dress with an explosion of fireworks in all the luminous colours. The sharp whip action of the Latin dances adds to the power of the dazzling crystals when caught under lights.’


Love these pieces? Contact sales@chrisanne-clover.com



Want to make a statement?

 Then why not take advantage of the great Crystallize It service, giving you the chance to make your dancewear even more unique you can now personalise any item in the Dancewear Collection.

 We will Crystallize your chosen garment for you; applying each crystal by hand. Because of this personal touch each Crystal pattern and application will vary, making each design totally unique. Once Crystallized the item will be specialist clean only. Contact our sales team for a. range of colour and style options.





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