electric delite couture

Author Victoria McGregor

20 Jan 2020


With the exciting launch of Swarovski's NEW Electric DeLite crystals, this showstopper dress is dynamic in style that is a pure vision under the spotlights ...


This dress was inspired directly from the Swarovski Electric DeLite stones. I wanted something bold and strong that would show them off to their full potential. Naturally this means a black background.

I chose a linear pattern as the simplicity creates impact. The chevron appearance created by the strong lines on the arms and side of the dress really emphasize the boldness of these beautiful and striking stones.

Joseph Suttle, Couture Designer



This stunning couture features the complete collection of Swarovski's NEW Electric DeLite LacquerPRO Effect crystals in colours Electric Blue DeLiteElectric Green DeLiteElectric Orange DeLiteElectric Pink DeLiteElectric Yellow DeLiteElectric Violet DeLite and Electric White DeLite.

Skirts are layered in georgette over satin chiffon, with organza underskirts, accessorized with a pair of georgette floats floating from each wrist, completing the look.


The the collection of Electric DeLite LacquerPRO Effect crystals HERE >

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