electric neon couture

Author Victoria McGregor

05 Oct 2020


Go Glow Go Bright with our dazzling collection of couture for utter stand out luminosity!  A combination of neon fabrics and contrasting electric crystals creates vibrant designs that makes each dress a work of art, beautifully hand embellished with Swarovski® Crystals …


'From runway to dance, Neon is a clear high fashion look that will ensure you standout on the dancefloor this season. Neon can be both fun and energetic or elegantly confident,  there are no limitations! This amazing couture collection uses our beautiful colour palette to create something for everyone, whether it be bright and bold with head to toe radiance or a contrasting electric sparkle using our showstopper neon embellishment.' 

Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer




This beautiful electric pink Ballroom dress features feather fringe along the skirt hem, with flared sleeves that perfectly enhances the Ballroom movement. The sweetheart bodice is embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal AB and Rosaline Pearls that fades beautifully down the bodice and adorning the skirt hem. Skirts are layered in georgette over satin chiffon, with organza underskirts. 


Get the butterfly effect with this striking Orange and Black Ballroom dress that features am exquisite butterfly bodice, beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski in a prism of colours. The NEW DeLite Lacquer PRO effects brings to life the dazzling crescent of colours, including crystals in Light Grey DeLite, Lavender DeLite, Royal Red DeLite, Lotus Pink DeLite, Ocean DeLite, Army Green DeLite and Silky Sage DeLite. Skirts are layered in orange georgette over electric pink satin chiffon, with electric pink organza underskirts. 


A striking Berry Bliss and Tetra Sequinned Ballroom show dance dress, beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski in Crystal AB, Hyacinth Shimmer and Rose.



A classic, clean cut design this striking Fluo Red Ballroom dress features a smooth velvet bodice that is beautifully embellished in Swarovski Crystals in Crystal and Crystal AB. Skirts are layered in georgette over satin chiffon, with organza underskirts, perfectly accessorized with stretch net gloves with ribbon floats attached, and a crystallized necklace completing the look.


This Midnight Sky couture is beautifully embellished Swarovski® Crystals with Electric Pink, Electric Pink DeLite, Lotus DeLite and Indian Pink. Pink satin bias trims the skirt and float edge that ties in perfectly with the shaded embellishment. 


This dazzling Plum Ballroom dress is beautifully embellished with Purple Velvet, Heliotrope, Burgundy DeLite, Electric Blue DeLite and Electric Blue Swarovski® Crystals that fades beautifully down the bodice. Skirts are layered with georgette over satin chiffon, with ice blue organza underskirts that teams perfectly with the blue crystallization. 


This dazzling Ballroom dress combines colours Fluo Green with our NEW colour Buttercream, creating a striking contrast of fluorescent against pastel for a unique look. The fluo green bodice is embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski in colours Light Silk, Peridot and Peridot AB. A fluo green georgette top skirt breaks away to reveal the georgette buttercream godets, layered over buttercream satin chiffon and organza underskirts. 



This striking Orange and Silver Ballroom dress has godets layered in satin chiffon over silver organza underskirts. Embellished in Crystals from Swarovski in Crystal and Silver Night.



This striking Tropic Lime Ballroom dress features dynamic crystallization that swirls beautifully across the neckline flowing down the bodice. Embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® including colours Jet, Jet Hematite, Graphite and Black Diamond. Skirts are layered in georgette over satin chiffon, with organza underskirts. 




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