espen salberg for chrisanne clover

Author Victoria McGregor

01 Jun 2016


CHRISANNE CLOVER is extremely excited and proud to announce the collaboration of dancewear with the ever popular and extremely talented dancewear designer Espen Salberg. The stunning dancewear collection made exclusively in England, is one of a kind and made from the most luxurious stretch fabric, combined with a beautiful print. Elegant, chic, flattering and timeless are just a few words to describe this collection.


We interviewed Espen Salberg about the collection and what it means to him to work with CHRISANNE CLOVER for the first time:


 Can you give a little introduction to this collection?

I was invited by CHRISANNE CLOVER to design this very new collection as a start to their new and wonderful collaboration. I found it an inspiring opportunity.


How was your experience collaborating with CHRISANNE CLOVER for the very first time?

It has been smooth going to work with CHRISANNE CLOVER and their well organised staff for this collection. I hope it will be something that we both will enjoy continuously for the future.



What were your inspirations when you were designing this collection?

My inspiration was to do a collection based on simplicity with a twist. As well as giving the consumer a variety of choices.



What would you say is different about this collection to all the others you’ve designed in the past?

The fact that I often design evening wear using a variety of fabrics and beading as embellishments, I wanted to emphasise that it is possible to do beautiful creative things based only on cuts and simplicity of quality fabrics.


I am very happy about the way things have turned out!


What is your favourite part about designing this collection?

I guess I have enjoyed a lot just re-discovering how nice it is to work with a high quality stretch fabric as the only tool of creativity.


How do you feel this collection will impact the fashion in dance?

I believe the dancers once they wear the pieces from this collection will feel that they are wearing comfortable elegance with a trendy look.



What is your favourite piece from the collection?

I personally like the long ballroom dress with the subtle scarf-image collar It gives a regal elegant impression from the front and once you see it from the back, there is this wonderful surprise element of that long flowing collar, which also enhance the movements of dancing.



 How do you want people to feel when they put on this dancewear?

Super chic comfort!


Will there be any plans to collaborate further with CHRISANNE CLOVER?

I guess we will leave the answer to this question up to the consumers...time will tell!



We hope you are as excited as we are with this new Dancewear collection!!


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