essence of spring in cheam boutique

Author Victoria McGregor

21 Mar 2017

Spring has finally sprung and Cheam Village is full of the essence of life with daffodils, tulips and bluebells coming to life with squirrels rustling in the trees and birds chirping in the sky. Finally it is now light outside at 5pm after the day in the office comes to a close with the sun still in the sky. Love this time of year!

With the new season finally upon us after months of winter colds and blues it is time for some inspiration of what this season has to offer in our Boutique Store in Cheam…




Be Inspired with our Window display inspired by all the joys of Spring. Showcasing the lovely IMPERIAL MOTIF with VINTAGE LACE in Emerald volumized with layers of green ORGANZA'S in Cool Aqua, Peppermint and Spearmint




Gorgeous pinks and purples tones are such a perfect colour combination, take inspiration with our display showcasing GALACTIC STRETCH LACE in Lilac Dream with HEARTLEAF MOTIF and ORGANZA in Purple Rain 



Stunning gorgeous pink tones from baby pinks to bright sassy pinks everything pink this season is a huge hit! Take inspiration from our display showcasing our stunning LYNX FLOCK teamed with our HEARTLEAF MOTIF. Mmm good enough to eat!



Stunning tones of Blues from aqua hues to cobalt shades take inspiration from our display showcasing our beautiful FLOWER Stretch Lace in Blue Paradise and POPPY Embroidered Motif in Multi Blue. 



 Gorgeous Salmon and Orange hues really brings together all the ideas of summer! Be inspired with our display showcasing our stunning BOTANIC Embroidered Stretch Lace teamed with the IMPERIAL Motif with lashings of ORGANZA layers in pinks and oranges




Feel the summer sun rays with this brilliantly radiant colour SAFFRON. Be Inspired with our display showcasing the colour in SAMIRA Ribbon, SMOOTH VELVET and TULLE. Full of texture and volume a colour that always looks amazing on the dance floor. 



Beautiful embroidered motifs such as the POPPY and IMPERIAL really capture the essence of Spring/Summer and bring such life to your couture. 

Be Inspired with these stunning collections of laces in motifs and ribbons to really brighten up your couture...





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