for the love of feathers

Author Victoria McGregor

21 Sep 2020


Feathers are every dancers dream and we are thrilled to tell you our vast range of feathers in a variety of colours are back in stock!

So whether you are looking for feathers in a particular colour for your dress, or you need a couture covered in feathers we have everything available just for you! 





with our feather couture collection and the feathers used on each dress





This beautiful Ballroom dress has Midnight Sky Starlight Stretch Net that adorns the bodice creating a dazzling shine, embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours Light Sapphire, Majestic Blue and Cobalt. White Marabou feather boa beautifully drapes over the bodice, that cascades over the shoulders and floats down from each wrist. Perfectly marrying with the feather boa trim that adorns the skirt hem for a luxurious finish.






This stunning Ballroom dress features plum feather fringe appliqued beautifully over the georgette skirt creating elegant movement. The off the shoulder bodice is beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal and Amethyst, adorned with sew on stones for an encrusted finish. Pleated georgette floats float from centre back to wrist, and is accessorized with a crystallized necklace completing the look.



The bodice of this couture is beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® including the NEW Lotus Pink DeLite, Orange Glow DeLite, Peach Shimmer and Peach DeLite. This dress comes alive with white feather fringe adorned magnificently over the bust, arms and godets adding the perfect texture and movement. 



This beautiful bluebell Ballroom dress features a stretch net bodice is embellished with exquisite detailing in Crystals from Swarovski® in Light Grey DeLite, Crystal and Province Lavender. Georgette godets are beautifully adorned with feather fringe, in perfect cohesion with the magnificent boa floats.




A striking contrast of Tropic Lime with Black makes this a couture that makes a striking vision on the dancefloor. A black georgette frill rests elegantly over the shoulders adorned with feathers for the perfect texture and movement. The bodice is embellished beautifully with Swarovski® Crystals fading down the bodice including colours Black Diamond Shimmer, Citrine Shimmer, Crystal Shimmer, Jonquil and Silver Shade

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