get the look with fishnet

Author Victoria McGregor

07 Jun 2019

Fishnet was a key trend on the dance floor at the Blackpool Dance Festival and we are thrilled to introduce FLESH to our much sought after collection...


Fishnet is such a versatile fabric and great for creating great texture and dimension to your designs. It's simple structure is a great base to crystallise with an easy to follow design that transforms this fabric into utter brilliance. Layer over contrasting colours to create new textures and colours or layer over skin tones for a nude effect that will wow the audience. 


Fishnet was a key look for our Sponsored Gold dancer Natascha Karabey at this years Blackpool Dance Festival. Featuring both black and white fishnet, dripping with bead droppers along the arms and beautifully embellished in Swarovski® Crystals. 




Our Sponsored Gold dancer had this stunning collection of fishnet couture made for the Asian Tour earlier this year. Fishnet is beautifully layered over the bodice and the top skirt as a peplum feature, heavily encrusted in Swarovski® crystals  



This fabric collection is a stunning alternative to the fishnet. Perfect for overlaying on colour this was a key look for our Sponsored Gold dancer Liis End at the Blackpool Dance Festival. Black Metallic Abstract Fishnet is a  stunning feature on the sides of her dress layered over silver lycra and adorned with Sylvie Ribbon outlining the design. Suitable for both Ballroom and Latin you can create fantastic texture in your designs..


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