goc 2018

Author Victoria McGregor

23 Aug 2018

This August saw one of the biggest events take place on the WDSF dance sport calendar – The German Open Championships. Our fantastic CC team: Giles, Jamie, Katya, Cherry and Sissi exhibited our vast range of dancewear, couture and accessories at this event.



‘It is always such a great experience to be part of this event and it is brilliant having SWAROVSKI also exhibiting as I feel it strengthens our relationship and helps gain more knowledge and insight into one another’s products.’ Jamie McGregor, Sales Executive



 ‘The CHRISANNE CLOVER couture designed and made for SWAROVSKI was showcased at the GOC and was really quite outstanding! The couture displayed the brilliance of the crystals spectacularly. We had many customers enquire about the crystals used and how to get them for their own future projects, it was great to see such an amazing response!’  Katya Fedorenko, Sales Executive



We had a great camaraderie working alongside IDS and they brought such a great dynamic and energy to the stand. It is always fun to see Justin he is a fantastic character :) ’  

Jamie McGregor



‘Our collaboration with CHRISANNE CLOVER was a big success and the blend of our shoes among the exquisite collection of couture and dancewear was a wonderful combination’,     

Justin, International Dance Shoes


Our Sponsored Gold dancers Alona Uehlin and Signe Busk competed at this event looking glorious in their CHRISANNE CLOVER couture dresses, all embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®.


BDD210NN Silver, BDD208NN Blueberry

Alona looked exquisite in this collection of couture in 2 colour variants. Wearing the Blueberry in earlier rounds and the silver for the final.



Signe dazzled in her Aqua Ballroom dress dancing elegantly into the quarter finals.


Love these dresses? Contact our couture team for more information couture@chrisanne-clover.com


From left: Giles, Nadia IDS, Justin IDS, Katya, Jamie


Cheers to a fantastic GOC and we look forward to seeing you again next year!


Watch our GOC highlights video HERE



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