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Author Victoria McGregor

03 Aug 2019

Tania Kehlet & Emanuel Valeri


With the most prestigious event of the year for WDSF round the corner – The German Open Championships; I have been intrigued to find out more about the developing dress styles and growing fashion trends with the sport like energy of the dancing. Take a look back into the dazzling history of Chrisanne Clover's GOC couture.


Signe Busk & Dmitri Kolobov


'WDSF couture has always been seen as a style specific to the federation, it simply takes on its own personality that resonates with the quicker beats and sporting visions. The shapes and the styling of the dresses regardless of Ballroom or Latin, represent athleticism and extreme performance. Lines are sleek and smooth, layers are light and lengths rise and fall depending on the dancer.


The energy of the WDSF dancer is synonymous with how they present themselves with their look. The dancer’s fast feet ask the couture to keep up – clever dress techniques create optical illusions for the fabrics to show additional speed, movement and momentum.


The dancefloors at the German Open always promise a delight of colour – nothing is too bright, too vivid, too wild. Features catching the eye compete with encrusted embellished bodies, floats fashioned from feathers, ribbons, lace and spiralling trimmings travel through the air at speed after their dancer, skirts volumes range from minimalist to the darling 50’s ¾ style tulle silhouette.'


The WDSF follows a more sportier, streamline look.  It is fun and flirty full of features and is daring even in the Ballroom.  Often, they will showcase new styles and looks such as the shorter skirt lengths that went quite extreme over the last few years.   There is often a lot of experimentation, it always feels though that the dresses match the dancing which traditionally follows a faster and more sport like beat.'

Becky Saunders, Couture Executive


Alona Uehlin & Anton Skuratov


Delving into the history of the GOC couture over the last 9 years shows how the style has changed with our Sponsored Gold dancers Tania, Alona and Signe. Each dress exuberates the dancers personality and every one is embellished beautifully with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI...



Tania Kehlet

Left BDD215EE Jade, Right BDD214EE Tango Flare

Full of feathers and shine with lustrous satin chiffon godets these dresses were simple in shape but magnificent in volume. Striking colour variations in Jade and Tango Flare both embellished with a beautiful floral design and cute floral chokers to match.



Tania Kehlet

Left BDD778EE Lime Sorbet, Right BDD778EE Black

 Gone are the feathers and instead we have lashings of layers with frills and staggered godets. A more sexy look with the nude inserts and beautiful crystallization. The black is embellished in an ombre effect in a magnificent shade of colours including Blue Zircon, Citrine, Heliotrope, Light Siam , Hyacinth, Sun, Fuchsia, Cobalt, Capri Blue, Purple Velvet and Jet!



Tania Kehlet

Left BDD426FF Blue Lagoon, Right BDD427FF Pink Grapefruit

A different look altogether with the experimentation of layered sheer skirts capturing fantastic texture. Incorporating lace with tulle and hemmed beautifully with crinoline and satin ribbon. A much lighter looking skirt compared to the frills and feathers of the previous dresses. Two variations in colours Blue Lagoon and Pink Grapefruit. Would love to see this look come back!



Alona Uehlin

Left BDD261GG Electric Pink & Very Berry, Right BDD262GG Aqua & Citrus

A flamboyant collection of ombre layered dresses full of fun and personality. Tiers of layered skirts makes for fantastic movement and dimension. Made in 2 colour options Electric Pink shading down to Very Berry and Aqua shading through to Citrus. I love the Pink – which one is your favourite colour?


Tania Kehlet

Right BDD536GG Purple Rain. Centre BDD045GG Cool Aqua. Right BDD044GG White

 3 striking dresses each slightly different to the other. Frilled godets makes for fabulous movement and with the satin chiffon captures fantastic shine on the dancefloor. The use of sequins makes for a more dynamic shine. The white couture captures a lighter look with the beautiful feather godets and the use of crystals instead of sequins creates an elegant style.



Tania Kehlet

Back left BDD381HH Electric Green, right BDD382HH black,

 2013 sees a more simple shape to the skirts with one layer godets – no frills or tiered layers. Still oozing personality with the crystallization with an amazing rainbow of crinoline trimmed underskirts that teams perfectly with a fantastic bow hair piece and black bow shoulder feature.


Alona Uehlin

Right BDD060HH Red & Cappuccino, Right BDD059HH Spearmint and Black

 A stunning collection of couture with feathered godets and a beautiful crystallized diamond design feature. The sexy cappuccino with red paves way for a classic look with the pastel spearmint and black. Which colour combination do you like best?


Alona Uehlin


A sophisticated style featuring black velvet teamed with pleated godets creates luxurious texture. Striking crystallization borders the neckline and wraps across the bodice with Crystal AB and Crystal. Magnificent floats are a key feature for 2013 but will be a look that will fade to present date.



Signe Busk

Left BDD138KK Lime Sorbet, right BDD137KK Pink Fizz and Hot Magenta

A fascintating contrast of 2 different shades beautifully crystallized flatters the waistline perfectly. The Pink Fizz couture adorned beautifully with feathers in feather fringe, antenna and goose creates striking dimension and personality.


Tania Kehlet,

Left BDD070KK Cappuccino, right BDD069KK Cappuccino and Silver

 A striking collection in 2 different colour ways with exquisite linear crystallization that flatters the figure perfectly. A slinky key hole back breaks up the design beautifully. A fun and flirtatious style that is super elegant. No frills, no feathers, no patterns.


Tania Kehlet


This couture strips away the luminous colours associated with WDSF Couture with the much more classic black. Full of texture featuring velvet and stretch net asymmetric patterns combined with dazzling intricate abstract crystallization along the back and sleeves, still creates a very dynamic style.



Signe Busk BDD135LL

 A magnificent black couture that focuses on the embellishment detail perfectly. Skirts are now simplified with no fuss and floats are smaller and less flamboyant. The flame effect crystal design creates the personality of this couture; using a rainbow of crystal shades in Fire Opal, Hyacinth, Light Siam, Sunflower, Indian Siam and Jet.


BDD558KK Fluo Red

 A glorious fluo red couture with exquisite diamond crystallized design using Crystal AB and Hyacinth, creates a lively and cheerful effect.


 Tania Kehlet BDD633KK

An impressive couture experiments with a black tulle overlay in the godets creating a beautiful depth of tonal colour. The gorgeous embellishment flatters the waistline perfectly.


Tania Kehlet BDD634KK

A fun and flirtatious polka dot couture brings back the liveliness of the frilled skirt but with the use of tulle creating a much lighter look in contrast to the dynamic bodice. Being a big fan of polka dot this has to be one of my favourite GOC dresses!


Alona Uehlin

Left BDD649KK Pink Fizz, Right BDD648KK Cappuccino & Black

The return of the dazzling linear embellishment in a striking combination of colour variants, incorporates the tulle overlay in the godets. The deep keyhole back breaks up the colour and pattern perfectly. 



Alona Uehlin

BDD863LL Blue Paradise and Cappuccino

A dazzling Blue Paradise and Fuchsia Pink couture with slinky cappuccino side seams flatters the figure beautifully with a key hole back. Floats are a lot lighter and smaller compared to previous years with handkerchief georgette floats floating at the wrists. Embellished beautifully in Crystal AB, Crystal, Aqua and Aqua AB.


Signe Busk

BDD847LL Sugar Pink

An adorable sugar pink couture adorned with bead droppers and pearls finished perfectly with a crystallized belt makes for a charming fashion to the striking colours of earlier couture dresses.


BDD848LL, Aqua

Another gorgeous pastel shade sees this enchanting Aqua couture crystallized beautifully with swirl patterns and finished perfectly with an embellished belt feature.


Tania Kehlet

Left BDD832LL, centre BDD833LL, right BDD831LL

Tania's last GOC before announcing their retirement and taking home the championship. A gorgeous cappuccino couture heavily crystallized with a centre front zip and key hole feature. An impressive couture that dazzled magnificently and was the dress of champions on the dancefloor.



SIGNE BUSK BDD577MM Pink Fizz and Orange, BDD376MM Tropic Lime

Two very strong and sleak silhouettes adorned beautifully with bead droppers in different designs that perfectly captures the movement and fluidity of the dancing.


Alona Uehlin BDD161MM, BDD261MM, BDD141MM

Two brilliant variations to a dress design with flare georgette float sleeves that captures fantastic movement. Beautiful sweetheart necklines with sheer side seams flatters the bodice perfectly. Adorned with guipure lace along the neckline and arms creates a luxurious vintage style.



From layered frilled skirts and immense floats of 2009, we now see a more clean and refined shape to the couture dress of 2019. Ribbon and handkerchief floats now sets precedence un-restricting the dynamicity of the speed and energy of the dance. Beautiful embellishment against electric fabric shades enhanced with the use of unique feather features and bead droppers dramatizes the fashion of the current GOC couture.


Keep an eye out on our social media for a first look of Signe and Alona's GOC dresses next week!


Good luck ladies :)

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