guipure and crochet motifs and ribbons

Author Victoria McGregor

03 Mar 2018


  With a magnificent collection of laces to suit your individual style, we have put together some of our suggestions on what lace to choose and how to use them...


Watch our clip of lace ribbons HERE



 Here are a few of my personal favourite Laces:

The Annabelle lace motifs in both colours are a beautiful 3 dimensional lace motif with stunning texture and design.


The Imperial Motif is a beautifully large motif that attracts so much colour and can brighten up any garment including day dresses and handbags. Selling one recently to a customer in the Boutique looking to brighten up her monochrome dress the yellow added such class and an amazing pop of colour on a black and white dress.


The Anastasia Ribbon in Cobalt is a striking blue and has a luscious textured finish that is perfect for adorning your couture.



Florals are gorgeous suiting the feminine floral personalities but they are not everyone’s go to choice. Swirl abstract patterns are a popular choice being a great favourite to suit individual personalities and are the perfect choice for menswear…


Which one is your favourite?


‘The Hero Motif is very popular with my European customers and also the Victoria is the first ribbon choice. They are very popular as they are not floral and can be used on many different dresses and dance styles, it  is also a brilliant choice for menswear. Victoria is also a very popular choice for mens shirts with my customers and is particular lace favourite of mine.’

Luca Sacellini, Sales Executive



Tamara is a very popular choice with my Russian customers as it is a more luxurious lace option available in a wide range of colours perfectly colour matching with our essential collections.’

Ekaterina Fedorenko, Sales Executive




‘My favourite lace motifs would have to be the Hero Motif. This lace is super easy to manipulate and can create beautiful symmetrical patterns, as well as making them into 3D features. The Emma Motif is super versatile and works with almost any design also.


Eternal Motif is also a fantastic lace, as it is easy to crystallize by following the shape of the lace. It has a light look than some of the other guipure lace motifs, so even when fully embellishing it does not add extra weight to the dress. A good example of this lace on a dress is BDD750MM. There is a lovely feature using this lace on the edge of the sleeve. The lace is really versatile as you can use it on delicate intricate designs or as strong and bold features, depending on how the lace is crystallized and decorated!’

Kushy Jutlla, Couture Designer


Lace in Couture




 Taking a closer look at Kushy’s favourite dress - this magnificent Emerald and Black design features micro fishnet over emerald lycra and is adorned with black Eternal Lace Motifs. Embellished beautifully using CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal White Flat Black Pearls, Jet, and White Opal.



We also have this stunning Midnight Sky Ballroom dress featuring a nude stretch net top adorned beautifully in Freedom Motifs in Antique Silver. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Light Silk, Crystal AB, Crystal and Cobalt.



For a striking contrast we have this stunning Fluo Red and Gold Latin dress adorned with Amour Motifs in Gold. Trimmed elegantly with gold fringe creating an ombre effect fading up the skirt. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Light Siam, Silk Shimmer and Light Colorado Topaz.



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