hybrid hues couture collection

Author Victoria McGregor

28 Feb 2020


Be Inspired with this stunning collection of couture that has a focus on creating unique and interesting tones of colour. Our designers have experimented with layering sheer fabrics over contrasting colours that creates a range of dazzling hues. Each dress is beautifully embellished with Crystals from Swarovski®



Hybrid hues was an extremely fun collection for us all to design! It was a fantastic opportunity to experiment with our fabrics and see how we could combine and overlay colours to create new and exciting hues. We used  a variety of techniques, such as strong contrasts like Plum over Tropic Lime to create high impact or more tonal blends, such as bluebell over sugar pink to produce a soft and dreamy lilac. These new bases were a refreshing canvas to experiment with the rainbow of colours that is the Swarovski range and create beautiful and unique effects, perfect for the dancefloor. Whether it’s  buttery Papaya or dramatic Viper, we hope these new colours inspire you, the options are endless!


Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer




BDD055PP (sold) 

This dazzling Ballroom dress features saffron stretch net layered over orange lycra creating a gorgeous mango colour. Embellished beautifully in an array of Swarovski® crystals including Electric Orange > Electric Orange DeLite > Electric Yellow DeLite > and Electric White DeLite > . Skirts are layered with saffron georgette over satin chiffon with orange organza underskirts. 








 This petrol peacock couture features an overlay of Plum stretch net over Blue Zircon creating a beautiful undertone that shines perfectly through the skirts. Plum georgette floats drape across the bodice and over the shoulders, enhanced beautifully with Amethyst > Crystal > and AB > Swarovski® Crystals. Skirts are layered with plum georgette over blue zircon satin chiffon and organza underskirts.








 This beautiful couture experiments with colours Bluebell over Sugar Pink that creates a stunning tonal colour, embellished with Crystals from Swarovski in Electric Violet > Electric Violet DeLite >  Lavender Delite > Tanzanite > and Light Sapphire >. Skirts are layered with bluebell georgette over sugar pink satin chiffon, with sugar pink organza underskirts. Bluebell feather adorns the wrists with sugar pink ribbon floats floating from each wrist.







LDD058PP (sold)

 This striking fringed Latin dress features ruched Jade stretch net layered over a Pink Fizz base that shimmers beautifully through the fabric. Perfectly enhanced with Swarovski® crystals in Electric Pink DeLite>  Electric Pink >  Electric White DeLite > Laguna DeLite > Aqua > Province Lavender > Lavender DeLite > Lotus Pink > Rose > . The ombre fringed skirt beautifully shades down to Pink Fizz for a dynamic effect.






BDD056PP (sold) 

This striking combines features Plum layered over Tropic Lime that shines beautifully through the fabric. Embellished with Amethyst > Electric Yellow>  and Olivine Swarovski® crystals flaming beautifully up the bodice. Skirts are layered in Plum georgette over Tropic Lime satin chiffon, with organza underskirts. 




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