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Author Victoria McGregor

17 Oct 2018


The most prestigious competition of the year took place at the Albert Hall this Autumn – The Internationals! Dancers and spectators travelled to London from all over the world to participate in this competition season. Phones have been ringing off the hook for fabric orders and couture dresses, the Cheam Boutique has been filled with customers wanting everything from fabrics to dancewear and tanning products. It has been wonderful catching up with our sponsored dancers, meeting new sponsors and seeing lots of wonderful customers and friends.



The professional Ballroom was outstanding and it was such an honour to see so many CHRISANNE CLOVER couture adorn the dancefloor. Here we take a look at the Professional Ballroom Sponsored Gold couture each one embellished beautifully with Crystals from Swarovski®.



4th place


For the finals Monica wore this elegant Blueberry feather Ballroom dress embellished beautifully in Heliotrope and Tanzanite. Adorned with feather fringe fading up the dress and sleeves creating luscious texture that moved so eloquently on the dance floor.



In earlier rounds Monica wore a red version of her final dress embellished in Light Siam and Light Siam AB.



5th place


For the finals Natascha wore this magnificent White and Electric Blue Ballroom dress beautifully embellished in colours Light Sapphire Shimmer, Sapphire, Majestic Blue, Crystal and Crystal AB. The skirt is layered with white satin hemmed with wrapped crinoline creating beautiful weight and movement, layered over electric blue organza. Shaded satin chiffon floats float from crystallized wristbands and attached to the arms, finishing the look perfectly.



In earlier rounds Natascha wore this striking Sassy Yellow Ballroom dress. Nude stretch net flows down the sleeves and through the dress with intricate diamond crystallization in Crystal, Crystal AB and Citrine. Enhanced perfectly with silver bead droppers dripping over the embellishment, fading down the dress. Crushed pleated satin chiffon floats and godets captures elegant texture, with godets layered over organza underskirts hemmed in crinoline creating fantastic volume.



Semi finalists

International Championships 2018 unforgettable feeling to dance in Royal Albert Hall! Semi final for 3rd year and we are looking forward to our new achievements!
Happy to share our passion and love with amazing audience! Thank you our gorgeous sponsors Chrisanne Clover Supadance and my magical @sergievskaya_stylist 💙💙💙

Nataliya Koliada


Nataliya wore this magnificent Midnight Sky Ballroom dress embellished beautifully in Crystal and Crystal AB. Feather boa is the main style focus of this Ballroom dress, beautifully adorning the floats and skirts creating a rich, luxurious finish. Godets are layered with satin chiffon over organza underskirts, with bell shaped sleeves in stretch net trimmed with feather.






Debuting their move from Amateur to Professional at the Internationals, Sara wore this magnificent White and Purple Rain feather couture embellished beautifully in Crystal, Crystal AB, Province Lavender and Tanzanite. Adorned with purple coque feathers gives fantastic  texture and dimension that moves so elegantly on the dancefloor.



Sara also wore this beautiful Electric Pink Ballroom dress adorned with crinoline flowers and embellished in Crystal, Crystal AB and Fuchsia. Pleated georgette godets trimmed with crinoline creates such stunning texture and movement.





Olga wore this dazzling gold metallic lycra Ballroom dress, teamed perfectly with satin chiffon for the most impeccable lustre and shine, trimmed with cappuccino feather boas. Embellished in Light Colorado Topaz and Light Silk, enhanced with gold bead droppers dripping over the bodice.



Olga also wore this divine black velvet off the shoulder couture flowing through into shaded godets; adorned with feathers fading from black to white, resting over white organza underskirts. Embellished beautifully in Crystal AB, Jet and Crystal White Pearls, finished with a crystallized choker and shaded georgette floats.



'Think light, think bright. Thank you Rob Ronda for capturing this moment. Always love dancing in this magnificent venue. Thank you to our sponsors Chrisanne Clover Freed of London Brackleys Anthony Bailey for your continued support and collaboration.'

Craig Shaw


Evgeniya wore this Tropic Lime Ballroom dress with pleated satin chiffon floats that captures exquisite texture and shine. Featuring white swish stretch lace that flows beautifully into the centre front and centre back godets. Embellished in Crystal and Crystal AB, finished perfectly with a crystallized necklace cascading down the back, and a crystallized detachable belt completing the look.




Paulina wore this Tutti Frutti Ballroom dress adorned with feather fringe creating a luxurious look full of movement. Embellished in Rose, Rose AB, Crystal and Crystal AB; complete with a crystallized necklace finishing the look perfectly.



Paulina also wore this black and red off the shoulder Ballroom dress, trimmed with feather fringe perfectly marrying the feather boa skirt hem. Embellished in Light Siam, Light Siam AB, Jet and Crystal; complete with a crystallized necklace cascading down the back.


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Congratulations also goes to our Sponsored dancers reaching the quarter finals:

Diego and Ekaterina

Gianni and Arianna

Jack and Nataliia

Emi and Shintaro


Congratulations to our Sponsored dancer Stefanie Bossen and Ben Taylor for getting engaged at the Internationals!

Congratulations from everyone at CHRISANNE CLOVER :) 

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